Mahmud Said

Sa’id, Mahmud


Born Apr. 8, 1897, in Alexandria; died Apr. 8, 1964. Egyptian artist.

Sa’id studied in private schools in Alexandria. One of the pioneers of modern Egyptian painting, he strove to create a renaissance in Egyptian national art. Sa’id’s style is characterized by an emphasized three-dimensional shaping of figures, clear rhythmic composition, and rich color (Autumn, 1929, Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria; View of Aswan, 1964, private collection, Alexandria).

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Al Mahmud said most domestic crimes, such as theft, assault, rape, being reported to police in the recent years were committed by illegal workers.
Drug resistance in rifampicin and related antibiotics has occurred when their bacterial RNA (Ribonucleic acid) polymerase enzymes mutate," Mahmud said, "leaving them largely unaffected by antibiotics that work by inhibiting RNA synthesis.
Mahmud said in press statements, Thursday, that the trade exchange will lead to remarkable economic movement besides rising the local currency against the dollar price a matter that will reflect positively on bringing down production cost and reduction of prices of commodities.
I don't think I could get used to new neighbours in an unfamiliar district," Mahmud said.
Now before me is a letter in which they [south Sudan government] said they would report us to court if we sold a single gallon [of oil]" Ali Mahmud said.
Mahmud said that students used to travel up to 4 hours to go school, but thanks to the village grouping the students can pursue their studies outside their homes.
Mahmud said he has been given green light to choose two assistants for himself and a goalkeeper trainer.
The procedure will be completed for over four million workers in the country by the end of this year," Mahmud said.
Mr Mahmud said he didn't know Westlake was carrying drugs, adding: "There are allegations made against a lot of customers and as there were police dogs in the club, I thought I would let him into the club to see if they were true.
The draft includes an article that suggests converting the death penalty to life imprisonment," Mahmud said.
We know from experience that making such security arrangements work is difficult,'' Mahmud said.
Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud said "The process of development is much more than just providing money or devising development strategies.