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[Arab.,=praised], 570?–632, the name of the Prophet of Islam, one of the great figures of history, b. Mecca. Early Life

Muhammad was the son of Abdallah ibn Abd al-Muttalib and his wife Amina, both of the Hashim clan of the dominant Kuraish (Quraysh)
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Pour les musulmans, le Coran est le livre contenant tout ce que Allah a appris a Mahomet (La terre : une planete habitee 1992, 291).
Few readers will be familiar with William Percy's Mahomet and His Heaven, here formally published for the first time.
Mahomet went to London from Connecticut in 1735 to protest at the capture of tribal land by English settlers.
As Richard O'Brien, consul to Algiers, remarked: "Money is the God of Algiers and Mahomet their prophet.
In several newspaper letter columns following the massive public protests against the Danish cartoons, correspondents have reminded readers that the Prophet Mahomet himself would not have resorted to violence in such circumstances.
Other heroic romances, such as Mahomet and Godfrey of Boulogne, together with various kinds of history plays--Antony and Vallia, Constantine, Harry of Cornwall, and Zenobia--remained favorites of the Admiral's Men and provided natural roles for Alleyn.
No mention is made by Burke of the fact that Sheridan refused all offers of state compensation following the 1754 Mahomet Riots (thereby impoverishing himself and his family), nor of the fact that at the end of his life he dedicated his life and works of Swift to Henry Grattan, demonstrating a remarkable (if idiosyncratic) consistency of patriotic conviction.
He has taught in the Golf for Kids Program for Champaign Recreation, served as a grade school soccer coach for Mahomet Recreation, acted as Chair of Charleston's Pumpkin Party for 155 children, and served as Teacher and Chair for ACEI's Mini-Courses at Charleston Elementary School.
Obviously if we all accepted Jesus, or Buddha or Mahomet, or Father Divine, to name only a few religious leaders whose followers have had the missionary spirit, we should have a basis for universal agreement.
Comments: Holocene subfossil records for the southern Great Lakes region include Mahomet, Illinois (Baker 1918), McLean County, Illinois (Baker 1930), Fulton County, Indiana (Blatchley & Ashley 1901), Bartholomew County, Indiana (Baker 1920), Elkhart County, Indiana (Swinehart 1995), Kosciusko County, Indiana (Swinehart & Parker 2000), Ross County, Ohio (Reynolds 1959) and Logan County, Ohio (Baker 1920; Zimmerman 1960).
As is right and proper in such a romance, there is the added element of the miraculous and the miracle, whether it be the Christ of the crucifix destroying the mocking Turks or the effigies of Mahomet and Tervagan, or God acting through his servant Guilhem to save the children of Malleo, thus affirming the power of a Christianity of the people and a living God in Christ.
Other panels represent various female allegorical virtues conquering famous tyrants: Faith squashing Mahomet, Hope against Judas, Temperance conquering Sardanapalus.