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see MarathasMarathas
or Mahrattas
, Marathi-speaking people of W central India, known for their ability as warriors and their devotion to Hinduism. From their homeland in Maharashtra their chieftains rose to power in the 17th cent.
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Prior to returning to Nira in March 1943 as intelligence officer who would make numerous reconnaissance trips to the Mahratta Hills, he wrote "In Hospital: Poona (I)", "In Hospital: Poona (2)", and the much-anthologised "Burma Casualty", in which he writes about a wounded soldier, who while convalescing, hears about the Japanese butchering of his comrades: 'And he lay in the lightness of the ward / Thinking of all the lads the dark enfolds / So secretly.
Those which I find enumerated are the Persian, Hindustani, Bengalese, Arabic & Mahratta.
formerly of The Mahratta Light Infantry, Indian Army, Hearsall Court, Whoberley.
Consulate in Mumbai, Richard Rothman, Commercial Consul, and several local dignitaries from the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Software Technology Parks and local businesses.
Oh, there is no caste where men go to--look for tarkeean," says E23, who is dressed like a Mahratta (247).
The question of certain estates given to the Duke during his previous stay in India, for instance, when as Sir Arthur Wellesley he had helped put an end to the Mahratta War.
He felt he had gone peasant with the natives here, "pastoral and eternal", they dragging the sun upon their backs, he a "landless soldier lost in war" and quite as helpless as they, (The Mahratta Ghats) both dwarfed by the "vast migrations" that formed the history of the sub-continent.
In this the 16th book in the best-selling series - chronologically the third in the Mahratta campaign of Sir Arthur Wellesley, before the war with Napoleon - the whore's son has become an officer; a very junior officer, unsure of his promotion, uncomfortable with those who have bought their commissions.