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post office:

see postal servicepostal service,
arrangements made by a government for the transmission of letters, packages, and periodicals, and for related services. Early courier systems for government use were organized in the Persian Empire under Cyrus, in the Roman Empire, and in medieval Europe.
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Post office

An office or building where letters and parcels are received and sorted, and from where they are distributed and then dispatched to various destinations.

post office

[′pōst ‚ȯf·əs]
(computer science)
The software and files in an electronic mail system that receive messages and deliver them to recipients.

post office

An office or building where letters and parcels are received and sorted, and from where they are distributed and dispatched to various destinations.

Post Office

a government department or authority in many countries responsible for postal services and often telecommunications
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I WAS walking down the Great Western Arcade after leaving the Birmingham Mail office wearing my high-vis coat and balaclava on a freezing cold day when I noticed two ladies arranging the rings in the window of Helen Hulston jewellers.
Officers from Dublin airport brought the package, addressed to the Taoiseach, to a "safe area" at nearby Santry mail office.
Emergency services were called to the State Department in Washington after suspicious white powder was found in a mail office.
Address : Office Of Flag Officer Commanding,Eastern Fleet, C/O Fleet Mail Office,Naval Dockyard,Visakhaptnam-14
He acknowledged the improvement, which the Pakistan Post has brought in computerizing its GPOs, International Mail Office and District Mail Office.
Mr Bush has attracted criticism for his refusal to say if he had been tested for anthrax after it was discovered in a mail office used by the White House.
The Falklands and Northern Ireland veteran was arrested after a row flared between him and a colleague at the Royal Mail office in Windsor.
Race organisers popped into the Mail office at Fort Dunlop to swell numbers for the race on May 3.
BIG West Bromwich Albion fan TV personality Adrian Goldberg opened a new Birmingham Mail office.
Passengers will be able to hand in their filled-in postcards at the Birmingham Mail office in Colmore Circus, or at special ballot boxes which will be placed around New Street Station.
To help the Scott Poll Memorial Fund can contact Steve Johnson at the Black Country Mail office in West Bromwich on 0121 553 7221.
He said, for improving the transmission and delivery of mail in remote areas, new District Mail Offices had been opened at Narowal, Chiniot and Bhakkar.