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post office:

see postal servicepostal service,
arrangements made by a government for the transmission of letters, packages, and periodicals, and for related services. Early courier systems for government use were organized in the Persian Empire under Cyrus, in the Roman Empire, and in medieval Europe.
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Post office

An office or building where letters and parcels are received and sorted, and from where they are distributed and then dispatched to various destinations.

post office

[′pōst ‚ȯf·əs]
(computer science)
The software and files in an electronic mail system that receive messages and deliver them to recipients.

post office

An office or building where letters and parcels are received and sorted, and from where they are distributed and dispatched to various destinations.

Post Office

a government department or authority in many countries responsible for postal services and often telecommunications
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The accused Zahid used to take out the mail bags from District Mail Office Islamabad to his home situated at G-7 Islamabad.
Lucy Webber, 35, 'showed off' the handbag to colleagues at the Royal Mail office in Bangor; Webber bought the bag for pounds 41 on eBay
I rushed back to the Royal Mail office, even though I did not think there was much hope of having any joy.
In recently released declassified documents it was revealed that on June 28, 2005, the Fleet Mail Office in Victoria successfully eliminated a potential terror threat.
Lockers at a Royal Mail office in Whitechapel and Tesco in Tottenham - where the two men worked - were also searched.
Court's story was given front-page treatment, until sports editor Jim Manning returned to the Mail office from the races, where in his usual fashion he had wined and dined to the full.
The document was then sent through interoffice mail to a mail office, where the stamp was affixed.
WHAT kind of people are running our Royal Mail office in Bishop Street, Coventry?
A "DISGUSTING" cleaner was jailed yesterday for a series of obscene acts at a North Wales Royal Mail office.
But he was nabbed when a Royal Mail office manager caught him as he was walking home with two opened Britannia music packages.
However, finally I was on the verge of contacting the police as I was missing credit card/bank statements and also a prescription from my doctor when I decided to visit the Royal Mail office in Nuneaton where I spoke to a very helpful man called Doug Edwards on January 12, who assured me that he would help and true to his word on January 15 he telephoned me to say he had located my mail with a request on it to hold all deliveries - I still do not know who requested this as it was not me.
His frustration prompted him to say: "I've written to the Royal Mail office at Kirkleatham, but still no reply, unless it has gone astray in the post