e-mail program

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e-mail program

Software in the user's computer, tablet or smartphone that accesses the mail servers in a local or remote network. Also known as an "e-mail client," "mail client," "mail program," and "mail reader," it provides the ability to send and receive e-mail messages and file attachments. Examples of e-mail programs for personal computers are Outlook, Eudora and Thunderbird.

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E-mail programs are local applications that years ago had more features than Web-based e-mail, which uses the Web browser as the interface. As Web mail interfaces improve, there are fewer advantages of the stand-alone e-mail client, except in smartphones where viewing a Web page is cumbersome. Smartphone mail programs are designed for small screens.

In addition, before mail can be retrieved, e-mail programs must be installed in the computer, and mail server addresses and protocols must be configured. Although smartphone mail clients are pre-installed, they still require configuration.

In contrast, users can log into their Web-based e-mail from any computer in the world with username and password. Nevertheless, people get used to software, and it only takes one or two features in an e-mail client program to make it preferable to the Web browser interface. See e-mail interfaces, messaging system, universal client, POP3 and IMAP4.
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The purpose and the intent of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit sealed proposals from one vendor that will deliver a comprehensive direct mail program for VCU s Office of Annual Giving.
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When you hit the delete key, your mail program can just update its internal records to mark that message's location as vacant.
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Those eligible for the CHAMPVA Meds By Mail program, reported in the September/October issue of DAV Magazine, are the spouse or widow(er) and the children of a veteran who is rated permanently and totally disabled due to a service-connected disability, or rated permanently and totally disabled due to a service-connected condition at the time of death, or died of a service-connected disability, or died on active duty.
Some labor leaders raised questions Friday to Los Angeles County union boss Miguel Contreras about whether the full mail program on behalf of Mayor James Hahn was carried out as planned during the city mayoral primary.
To use e-mail, a mail program capable of processing Internet mail is necessary.
So don't casually default to some mail program because it's bundled with your Web browser.
Other traditional chapter favorites such as the UGLIEST BARTENDER CONTEST[R] and READaTHON[R] continued to draw while on the national level the Direct Mail program achieved a 33% growth.
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