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Maimona (Maimuna)

Between March 28 and April 25; day after Passover
Jews in North Africa commemorate the philosopher and rabbi, Moses Maimonides (1135 or 1138-1204), on the evening of the last day of Passover and the day that follows. Since the news of Maimonides's death in 1204 reached many Jews during Passover, they were not able to mourn his passing, as custom would normally dictate, by eating bread and an egg. So they postponed it until the following day.
In Libya on this day, each family member receives the maimona (from an Arabic word meaning "good fortune")—a small loaf of bread with an egg baked inside, which they eat with slices of lamb.
In Morocco, people dress up or wear costumes. Special displays of food are arranged on tables, including pitchers of milk and bowls of flour with eggs, broad green beans, stalks of wheat, and dates. Surrounding the bowls are honey, fruit, nuts, cookies, lettuce, wine, and a type of pancake known as muflita . After going to the synagogue, people stop to bless their friends and sample the refreshments at each home. A lettuce leaf, representing prosperous crops, is dipped in honey, symbolizing sweetness, and given to each guest. Wherever possible, people dip their feet in streams, rivers, or the sea.
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Maimuna Bappa, prosecuting, said the offence happened at 6.
These findings-reported by Boston Children's Maimuna Majumder, MPH, John Brownstein, PhD, and colleagues in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases-arose from a preliminary analysis of mortality risk factors associated with the South Korean outbreak, the largest MERS outbreak outside of Saudi Arabia to date.
Maimuna al Sulaimani, Head of Legal Affairs , Alizz Islamic Bank .
Raise awareness Maimuna Al Sulaimani, a lawyer, used the opportunity to raise awareness about the women's rights in the private sector.
Book bags and shoes, socks have to be purchased, stationery, books--Last term Maimuna was in the tai kwon do, and Yassin was in cookery.
alizz islamic bank (SAOG) has announced the appointment of Maimuna Al Sulaimani as their Head of Legal.
Maimuna Ashraf also delivered lectures on the subject of child-mother health.
121-31), first the praise poem of the heroine Maimuna, a slave girl and muslimah, who almost became a martyr because of her love for the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
Maimuna bint Darwish al-Zadjaliyah, the Assistant Professor at SQU, in which she stressed the important role played by women in the development in general and in the family, in particular.
Muscat: Six activists were granted bail while six others remained in prison after the Muscat Primary Court had earlier sentenced a woman, Maimuna Al Badi, to a year in prison on charges relating to public incitement.
Alli Ibn 'Atiyyah quoted a related hadith to show the prime importance of this issue, Umm Salamah and Maimuna, the wives of the prophet, were with him when Abdullah Ibn umm Makhtum sought permission to enter.
TOP ADVICE: Daniel Caines with (left to right) Fardos Ali, 13, Demi Ward, 13, Jevon Hinds, 14, Stephen NGuessan, 13, Thomas Coulson, 13 and Maimuna Moussa, 13