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A script which tells the Unix program "make" how to build a particular computer program or set of programs. A makefile contains variable assignments and rules of the form

target: inputs commands

which say if any of the files in "inputs" has been modified more recently than file "target" (or if the target does not exist) then execute "commands", which will normally bulid "target" from "inputs".

If make is run with no arguments, it looks for a makefile called "Makefile" or "makefile".
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The line that includes CLEAR_VARS clears existing local variables that might have been set from previous builds or more complex builds that have multiple makefiles.
Both of these makefiles use precisely the same library of routines that implement PATH as described in Ferris and Munson [1999].
This tool can download the entire contents of Apple's Inside Macintosh web pages onto your local disk, create makefiles, and use the new THINK Reference Compiler to process these files into compact, easily searchable, THINK Reference Databases.
In the package folder, set up the microCoAP project and modify the Makefile according to the Makefile in other project.
Makefile randomly selected the boards from the 1998 Data Bank (4) to create these files, the files were then randomized using the Mix-mstr program available with ROMI-RIP 2.
The installation makefile provided in our software offers default options for a wide range of computers (including those used in our experiments).
Makefile support for "reg_test" targets for all directories, as well as Makefile include files to automate said support in the development directories under developer control.
Compile the code using the provided makefile and run it using the following commands:
Makefile was used to create the board files containing the three different grade mixes.
The optimization package consists of three files: Makefile, driver, f, and gmpsg.
To enable Android x86 support for a Murl Engine-based app, the parameter MURL_ANDROID_CPUS in the common Makefile needs to be set accordingly, e.