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(plural makatib, Arabic word meaning “place where writing is taught”), a Muslim primary school. Makatib arose as schools attached to mosques in Arab countries in the seventh and eighth centuries. As Islam became more firmly established and Muslim missionary activity intensified, makatib spread to many Near Eastern countries, Middle Asia, the Volga region, and other parts of prerevolutionary Russia where Muslims predominated. The schools were generally supported by the local population and enrolled mainly boys (makatib for girls were uncommon). The teachers were usually mullahs, and the basic subjects were the Arabic alphabet and Koranic texts. In the modern maktab, also called kuttab, the Arabic language and literature, arithmetic, and other secular disciplines are taught. Many makatib have been reorganized into general primary schools in which the Koran is only one of several subjects studied.

In a number of Muslim countries makatib for girls have been organized, in which the pupils are taught by women teachers. Graduates of these schools may enroll in general primary or secondary schools or the madrasa.

Among the Turkic-speaking peoples living in the USSR, maktab is the name of a general secondary school.


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Contract Award for: Improvement of Bettola west side of sapan House to south Maktab road from (Ch.
To a question about winding up of Maktab schools by KP Government, the Minister said the students of Maktab schools have been transferred to the closely located Govt schools for better education services.
MPA Azam Khan Durrani was concerned about the provision of funds to the Maktab schools (schools at mosques) and called for inquiry into the matter and also sought action against DEO Bannu for irregularities during his tenure.
Meanwhile, residents of Panjo Talash on Thursday demanded of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government and higher authorities of education department to restore the government Maktab primary school Panjo.
He won the first prize at the calligraphy competition organized by the Maktab Al Shahid Kuwaiti Institute in 1997.
Rasul said the peshmerga, the armed forces of Kurdish regional government, attacked the armed group's positions in Maktab Khaled, Dakuk and Harabarut.
Like Arabic-Tamil which developed in Tamil mosque schools and became an essential ingredient of religious education in Maktab schools known as Pallikkodam in South India and Sri Lanka, Xiaojing too became the part and parcel of Muslim religious education.
The source explained that 100 terrorists killed and 165 others injured , where the bodies of 50 of them found in Mullah Abdullah and Maktab Khalid areas .
Aleppo: Maktab al-Matbu'at al-Islamiyyah, 1417/1997.
The big pride is Al Maktab Al Qatari Al Hollandi," she added.
For example, Al Maktab Al Qatari Al Hollandi, an integrated distributor of imported floral products, is the biggest seller of flowers in Qatar with about 18 shops.
Once downloaded, all you have to do is click on the app's icon and enter any pilgrim's cover number or passport number and you will get comprehensive details about their accommodation, including building number, tent number or maktab (office) number, plus an easy-to-follow satellite or a regular road map that will lead you to their location, whether in the Holy Cities of Makkah, Mina and Madinah," Mubarak said.