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Malabar Coast

, Malabar
a region along the SW coast of India, extending from Goa to Cape Comorin: includes most of Kerala state



historic region in South India between the coast of the Arabian Sea (Malabar Coast) and the mountains of the Western Ghats.

In ancient times and during the Middle Ages numerous principalities of Malabar were essentially independent, although from time to time they were associated with various unstable state formations (usually they paid tribute). The state of Chera, or Kerala (c. third century B.C. to c. ninth century A.D.) existed in the southern part of Malabar. The most important principalities of Malabar were Calicut (15th-16th centuries) and Travancore and Cochin (18th century). Malabar was the first region in India subjected to colonial plunder by the European states. In the 16th century Portuguese bases were established in Malabar. In the 17th century trading stations of the Dutch, English, and French were established there. The British-owned East India Company seized Malabar toward the end of the 18th century. The people of Malabar time and again rose up against the colonialists (the Malabar revolt of 1793-1806, the revolt of the Moplahs in 1921-22). In independent India the territory of Malabar has been a part of the states of Karnataka and Kerala since 1956.


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