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Lowry, Malcolm

(Clarence Malcolm Lowry) (lou`rē), 1909–57, English novelist, b. New Brighton, Wirral. Lowry is widely recognized as an important writer who effectively articulated the spiritual desolation of the individual in the 20th cent. While still a student at Cambridge he wrote his first novel, Ultramarine (1933), later reworked and published in final form in 1962. His reputation is founded on his second novel, Under the Volcano (1947), a subtle and complex study of the dissolution of an Englishman's character. Set in Mexico during a 12-hour period on the Day of the DeadDay of the Dead,
Span. Día de los Muertos, annual festival in Mexico and other parts of Latin America, commonly on November 1st and 2d. Its ancient Mesoamerican roots now augmented by Christian custom, it celebrates the dead with joy and humor rather than mourning,
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, the novel is highly autobiographical. Like his hero Geoffrey Firmin, Lowry was an alcoholic whose addiction all but destroyed his family life and caused him to seek peace in such disparate locales as the United States, British Columbia, and Mexico. Lowry's other works, all published posthumously, include Selected Poems (1962); two volumes of short stories, Hear Us O Lord from Heaven Thy Dwelling Place (1961) and Dark as the Grave Wherein My Friend Is Laid (1968); a novel, Lunar Caustic (1968); and a miscellaneous collection of stories, poems, fragments, and letters, The Voyage That Never Ends (2007).


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Lowry's friend David Markson said that Kierkegaard's works were one of "his big books" (in Gordon Bowker, Malcolm Lowry Remembered [London: BBC, Ariel Books, 1985]: 181).
The British writer Malcolm Lowry captured its lingering ambience of post-colonial decadence in his incendiary 1947 novel ``Under the Volcano,'' which John Huston made into a 1984 feature film.
14) Across the Inlet, ninety more shacks, including the one in which the writer Malcolm Lowry lived and worked, stood along the Dollarton beach (Figure 3).
The program opens with a special presentation of the Oscar-nominated 1976 feature documentary VOLCANO: AN INQUIRY INTO THE LIFE AND DEATH OF MALCOLM LOWRY, a searing portrait of the complex and controversial novelist.
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Wirral-born author Malcolm Lowry was the subject of an eight-week festival at the Bluecoat.
The excellent "Forest Path to the Spring" and the unpublished La Mordida excerpt highlight what is often missed by readers seeking more narrative energy: that even in the almost unreadable pieces (Mordida), even in the most meandering and self-indulgent fictions ("Through the Panama," Dark As the Grave), Malcolm Lowry could rival D.
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At any rate, by the time Malcolm Lowry set his famous novel in Cuemavaca in 1936, Casino had quieted:
Kramer, a former NFBer and now independent filmmaker, had worked with the fabled Donald Brittain on Volcano: An Inquiry Into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry, a title consciously echoed in the Norman film.
Indeed, while several authors are referred to, over half of the book is devoted to two writers, Malcolm Lowry and Graham Greene.