an urban-type settlement in Belomorsk Raion, Karelian ASSR. Railroad station on the Belomorsk-Obozerskaia line, 128 km southeast of Belomorsk. It has a logging and timber distribution establishment.

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I asked former senior sub-editor Mwiti Marete, a Kiswahili poet published under the pen name Malenga wa Mlima Meru, and Economic Commission for Africa-sponsored African Information Society Initiative (AISI) Media Award winner, who was on February 1 named the new Op-Ed Editor, to explain opinion pages to readers.
Craig, [2] Constantine Malama, Muzala Kapina-Kany'anga, Philip Malenga, Fanny Munsaka, Sergio Muwowo, Sean Shadomy, Melissa A.
The Democratic Republic of Congo "supports the appeal launched by the UN Secretary-General, in his last report on the Sahara, for taking a census of the Sahrawi population and implementing a programme of individual interviews," said Minister-counselor at DRC's Mission to the UN, Charlotte Malenga Omoy, before the 4th Committee of the UN's General Assembly.
The target population consisted of inhabitants of the Mare-Chicose village, which is within 600 meters of the landfill, while the control population comprised inhabitants of the Malenga village, 20 kilometers away.
Irfan Akbar, Kafiat Ali, Akbar Ali, Dawa Noor, Naseeb-ur-Rehman, Abu Saeed, Commander Rehman, Mukhtar alias Rasheed, Misbah-u-Din, Commander Okasha, Malenga, Riaz, Abu Tariq, Sultan Khan, Khurshid Qisai, Abdul Rehman, Commander Usman Qisai, Bahrain Commander Abu Hazfia, Qadir, Noor Hameed, Aftab, Yousuf, Iftikhar, Bakht Blund, Hameed and Mirag are included among the commanders killed in operation Rah-e-Rast, the committee was told.
Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security--Ernest Malenga
The Home Care Association of New Hampshire has announced its 2008 board of directors: Barbara Duckett, Home Healthcare, Hospice & Community' Services, Keene; Monique Malenga, Lake Sunapee Region VNA, New London; Gail Tattan-Giampaolo, Weeks Medical Center-Home Health Services, Lancaster (vice president); Maggie Burke, Seacoast VNA, North Hampton; Linda Carter, Healthy at Home, Nashua (treasurer); Julie Reynolds, Rochester District VNA; Margaret Franckhauser, Community Health & Hospice, Laconia (at-large member to executive committee); Karen Baranowski, Home Health & Hospice Care, Nashua (president); Rachel Chaddock, VNA of Manchester (secretary); Rick Peterson, Interim HealthCare, Manchester; Debra Berntsen, Androscoggin Valley Hospital Home Health & Hospice, Berlin.
33) While Berg considered this event a fiction, Boechari has shown that the evidence of the inscriptions of Malenga (1052 CE), Turun Hyang B (c.
Reported by: P Malfait, MD, A Moren, MD, Epicentre, Paris, France; G Malenga, MD, J Stuckey, MD, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Blantyre Sub-office, Malawi; A Jonkman, MD, Regional Health Officer, Malawian Ministry of Health, Blantyre, Malawi; MG Etchegorry, MD, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Paris, France; G Begkoyian, MD, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Blantyre, Malawi; JC Dillon, PhD, National Institute of Agronomy, Paris, France.
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