Malheur Lake

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Malheur Lake,

c.15 mi (25 km) long and up to 5 mi (8 km) wide, in Harney Basin, SE Oreg. It receives the basin's interior drainage. A national wildlife refuge is there.
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Officials at Oregon's Malheur Lake hired commercial fishermen to remove millions of invasive common carp.
Oregon's longest period of prolonged drought, from 1928 through 1941, resulted in catastrophic forest fires, including the Tillamook Burn, and saw vital wildlife habitat vanish as Malheur Lake and others in Eastern Oregon dried up.
The Register-Guard's June 15 Oregon Life story on the Malheur Lake carp crisis gave me a wonderful "Duh
1907-08: Oregon Audubon leaders help convince President Theodore Roosevelt to establish national bird refuges at Three Arch Rocks on the coast and at Malheur Lake in Eastern Oregon.
At the meeting, they formed the Malheur Lakes Basin Working Group, or MLBWG.
But the alkaline water of Harney and Malheur lakes was mostly undrinkable and the shoreline goo gave way under the oxen's hooves.