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(Miloš Obrenović) (both: mĭ`lôsh ōbrĕ`nəvĭch), 1780–1860, prince of Serbia (1817–39, 1858–60), founder of the ObrenovićObrenović
or Obrenovich
, Serbian dynasty. Its founder, Miloš Obrenović (see Miloš), was the first modern Serbian ruler. The murder (1817) of Karageorge (Karadjordje), probably at Miloš's instigation, started the long feud between the
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 dynasty and of modern SerbiaSerbia
, Serbian Srbija , officially Republic of Serbia, republic (1995 est. pop. 10,394,000), 34,116 sq mi (88,361 sq km), W central Balkan Peninsula; formerly the chief constituent republic of Yugoslavia and of its short-lived successor, Serbia and Montenegro.
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. An illiterate swineherd, he was a revolutionary chieftain fighting the Ottomans under KarageorgeKarageorge
, 1768?–1817, Serbian patriot. Born George Petrović, he was known as Karageorge, or Black George. He led the Serbs in their insurrection (1804) against the Ottomans, took (1806) Belgrade, where the Ottoman population was massacred, and was proclaimed (1808)
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. After Karageorge's defeat he temporarily submitted to the Ottomans, but in 1815 he began a new and successful rebellion. In 1817, having probably killed his rival, Karageorge, he was named prince of Serbia, a title confirmed by the national assembly (1827) and by the sultan (1830), who remained his suzerain. In 1838 the sultan, backed by Russia, forced the appointment of a council of senators hostile to Miloš, who abdicated in favor of his son MilanMilan
(Milan Obrenović) , 1854–1901, prince (1868–82) and king (1882–89) of Serbia; grandnephew of Miloš Obrenović. He succeeded his cousin Michael Obrenović as prince.
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 in 1839. When Milan died in the same year, Miloš's younger son, Michael (Michael Obrenović), became prince. He was deposed in turn in 1842 and was succeeded by Alexander Karadjordjević. In 1858 the Serbian parliament recalled Miloš, but he died two years later.


(mē`lôs) or


(mē`lō, mī`–), mountainous island (1991 pop. 4,390), 58 sq mi (150 sq km), SE Greece, in the Aegean Sea; one of the CycladesCyclades
, Gr. Kikládhes [Gr.,=circular], island group (1991 pop. 94,005), c.1,000 sq mi (2,590 sq km), SE Greece, a part of the Greek archipelago, in the Aegean Sea stretching SE from Attica.
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. The main town is Mílos, formerly known as Plaka. The island's products include grain, cotton, fruits, and olive oil. Mílos flourished as a center of early Aegean civilization because of its deposits of obsidian and its strategic location between the Greek mainland and Crete. It lost importance when bronze replaced obsidian as a material for tools and weapons. Despite its neutrality in the Peloponnesian War, Mílos fell victim to Athens, which conquered the island in 416 B.C. and then massacred the men, enslaved the remaining persons, and founded an Athenian colony. Much excavation has been done on Mílos. The most famous find is the Venus of Milo (now in the Louvre, Paris), discovered in 1820.



(also Melos or Milo), a Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea, belonging to the Cyclades group. Area, 158 sq km. In the north there are deep bays; the rest of the coastline is straight. Milos is composed of crystalline and volcanic rocks. Lowlands alternate with hills and low mountains (elevations up to 773 m). There is Mediterranean shrub vegetation. Wheat, corn, and olives are cultivated on the island. There is fishing industry and marble quarrying. The population centers are Milos and Adamas.

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