8mm tape

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8mm tape

An 8mm-wide magnetic tape technology that is used in analog and digital camcorders (see Hi8) and in data applications. Exabyte Corporation enhanced the international 8mm format established in 1984 and turned it into a high-performance digital storage device in 1987. The cartridges held 2.5GB, a breakthrough for the time.

The Mammoth Brand
In 1996, Exabyte introduced the Mammoth drive, a capstan-less version of its 8mm line, which initially supported AME-based 20GB cartridges and earlier MP-based cartridges. The lack of capstan reduces wear on the tape, because the capstan has to press against the medium to move it. Mammoth-2 later increased capacity to 60GB. Tape libraries hold from 500GB to more than 1TB.

Imation Became the Sales Outlet
Exabyte, which used to sell its products direct and through OEMs, signed an exclusive, worldwide distribution agreement with Imation Corporation in late 2003. The alliance included an equity investment in Exabyte. See magnetic tape and helical scan.

Mammoth Cartridge
The storage capacities may be "mammoth," but the cartridges are smaller than a deck of playing cards.

Helical Scan Formats
These are the helical scan tape formats used for computer storage. See helical scan.

Helical Scan Formats
These are the helical scan tape formats used for computer storage. See helical scan.
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It hopes a new generation of Mammoth tape products due out in the fall and its recent move into storage area network management will help revive its fortunes.
The library, which is ready for integration within a storage area network (SAN) environment, is said to offer twice the amount of storage capacity than other similar libraries, accommodating from two to ten Mammoth tape drives and from 40 to 200 data cartridges.
9 million for excess and obsolete inventory prompted by changes in the sales forecast and planned discontinuance of certain Mammoth tape drive and automation products, and a $6.
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5 million installed base of Exabyte Mammoth Tape drives, libraries and compatible drives.
The Imation Mammoth Tape Cartridge supports the Exabyte Mammoth Tape Drive's 20GB native (40GB compressed) capacity and native data transfer rate of up to 3 GB/sec (6 GB/sec.
Nasdaq:EXBT), an industry leader in tape automation and solutions, today announced key technology advancements for Mammoth 2, the next product in the Mammoth tape drive family.
Bell Microproducts will offer the entire Exabyte family of 8-mm tape storage products -- including the new Mammoth tape drive and tape libraries -- expanding the company's range of tape storage solutions.
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We anticipate wide acceptance of the new Mammoth tape drives and cartridges," noted Bob Covey, Qualstar's vice president of marketing.
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8 Terabytes and an aggregate throughput of 192 Megabytes per second when outfitted with the new Mammoth tape drives.