Management Information System

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management information system

[′man·ij·mənt ‚in·fər′mā·shən ‚sis·təm]
A communication system in which data are recorded and processed to form the basis for decisions by top management of an organization. Abbreviated MIS.

Management Information System

(MIS) A computer system, usually based on a mainframe or minicomputer, designed to provide management personnel with up-to-date information on an organisation's performance, e.g. inventory and sales. These systems output information in a form that is useable by managers at all levels of the organisation: strategic, tactical, and operational. A good example of an MIS report is an annual report for a stockholder (a scheduled report).

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Koumpis, with a Greek software company, explains how conceptions, theories, ideas and uses of earlier management information systems can be adapted to provide an integrative framework of concepts, methodologies, and infrastructure for an emerging service-based world that will be based on existing and forthcoming advanced technologies such as the Semantic Web, ubiquitous computing, and the Internet of Things.
Computer Science (CS) and Management Information Systems (MIS) graduates are no exception to the high expectations by their prospective employers about their computing knowledge and skills on graduation and entry into the job market (Lee 2003; Wagner, Shoop and Carlis 2003; Hill, et.
Two themes raised here and repeated by other contributors are that management information systems are not sensitive enough to drill down to the level of information needed to evaluate outcomes and that social work practitioners do not understand the importance of accurate thorough individual case documentation in evaluation.
Tata will now deploy a system that will provide improved customer service, management information systems and operational efficiencies.
Mix Vision, a computer (PC) based mixing control and information management system for rubber mixing facilities, is said to provide expanded networking capabilities which incorporate mixing, all types of weigh and feed systems, mills, batchoffs and links to laboratory and management information systems.
New directors of alumni development, corporate-adult team building, financial development, capital development, management information systems, operational services, and community outreach are just a few of the non-traditional camp vacancies listed recently.
Extensive capital has been invested in management information systems, practice acquisition, and staffing.
He later used this knowledge overseeing financial auditing and management information systems for a Fortune 500 company and then moved to the position of director of EDP auditing with a large accounting firm when the corporation relocated.

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