Mukden Incident

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Mukden Incident:

see Manchurian IncidentManchurian Incident
or Mukden Incident,
1931, confrontation that gave Japan the impetus to set up a puppet government in Manchuria. After the Russo-Japanese War (1904–5), Japan replaced Russia as the dominant foreign power in S Manchuria.
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Japan already occupied Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula even before the Manchuria Incident and its aggressive territorial expansion was a consistent policy of the Japanese government, military and the pre-war "zaibatsu" conglomerates.
6) For a summary of the Manchuria Incident and Japan's domination of the area, see "Mukden Incident" and "Manchuria.
The disclosure time frame targets a 17-year period, starting from the Manchuria incident in September 1931 and ending in September 1948, three years after Japan's defeat in World War II.
18, 1931, train attack in Liutiaogou, which triggered the Manchuria Incident, a pretext for the invasion of Manchuria.