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Having become the proud owner of a La Mandarine Gitane dress, I too like that fact.
Cointreau brings a beautifully sharp, dry sophistication to the party, Grand Marnier is sweeter, and a little rounder, Mandarine Napoleon, of course, offers mandarin orange flavors, and Van der Hum, a South African liqueur, brings tangy tangerine notes to the cocktail.
Rachel said she decided to name the collection La Mandarine after the name of the house she rents in France.
BarSol Pisco (Blue or Red) Juice of 1 lime 1/2 fresh tangerine 3-4 mint sprigs 1/2 oz simple syrup (or sugar) Float of Mandarine Napoleon or Grand Marnier (optional) Club soda
Cliff Bown, will be presenting at the upcoming Rodman and Renshaw Techvest Conference at the Mandarine Oriental Hotel, New York.
Description: Fine Mount Gay rum and Mandarine Napoleon liqueur are joined with cream of coconut and pineapple juice.
Refresh your environment, and feel uplifted with the Mandarine Sensations energising room spray (pounds 3.
Rachel travelled to India where she learned techniques such as traditional Indian block printing, hand embroidery and beading to lay the foundations for her new beachwear clothing range La Mandarine.
A trip to out Heliopolis to the outdoor Cinema Normandy and two delicious ice cream shops, Mandarine Koueider and Sultana, can deliver on both.
chocolate syrup 1/2 cup mandarine oranges 2 scoops chocolate ice cream Whipped cream and chocolate syrup drizzle garnish Pour Malibu, Kahlua, milk, oranges, syrup and ice cream into blender cannister.
Purr-warm, smooth, creamy vanilla * Wink-sparkling, vibrant, mandarine * Plunge-fresh floral tropical breeze ($30.