Mandibular Arch

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mandibular arch

[man′dib·yə·lər ′ärch]
The first visceral arch in vertebrates.

Mandibular Arch


a supporting element of the visceral skeleton in gnathostomatous vertebrates, including humans. The mandibular arch is situated directly in front of the sublingual arch. In the course of evolution, the mandibular arch differentiated into the primary upper jaw (palatoquadrate cartilage) and primary lower jaw (Meckel’s cartilage).

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This strongly indicates that the change in the above dimensions in the mandibular arch is due to retroclination of mandibular incisors rather than true deficiency in the arch itself.
The rest of the branches course to the angle of the mouth or caudally and superiorly into the mandibular arch.
The developing jaw articulation is still the neural crest bone of the mandibular arch, which remains uncovered by dermal bone posteriorly.