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a public declaration of intent, policy, aims, etc., as issued by a political party, government, or movement



(1) A solemn address or declaration from some organization that sets forth political views.

(2) An act of a head of state or supreme body of government addressed to the people and relating to some major political event such as a reform of the system of power or the accession of a new monarch.

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Ja em Infancia, sem nada haver prometido explicitamente, a duvida nao se manifesta em sombras, mas em "nuvens espessas" (7), nevoeiros e neblinas, que simbolizam a falta de nitidez do que ocorre ao espirito do narrador como lembranca.
Manifesta 7 featured videos and posters from Czech Barbora Klimova's 2006 reenactment of five of her countrymen's performances from the 1970s and '80s, while U-TURN's Copenhagen-based Lilibeth Cuenca's How to Break the Great Chinese Wall totally upstaged Abramovic by presenting the gestural remnants from reenactments of The Lovers--The Great Wall Walk (1988), Abramovic's infamous 90-day performance piece with Ulay, as well as painting actions by Yayoi Kusama, Niki de Saint Phalle, Orlan, Ana Mendieta, Shigeko Kubota, Helena Almeida, Yoko Ono, Janine Antoni and Lynda Benglis.
Giacomo Balla, vienas is pasirasiusiuju Manifesta, kartu su Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carra, Luigi Russolo, Gino Severini ypac suzaveti dirbtines sviesos, kuri tampa viena is fundamentaliu vaizdingu ir abstrakciu paveikslu temu.
Portanto, o grupo manifesta uma atitude positiva em relacao a lingua portuguesa.
has much more in common with Morgan's Chickenheads than with Richards and Baumgardner's Manifesta.
To help ensure that Generation X doesn't forget what the women's movement has accomplished, they've written ManifestA, a book designed to help women today consciously embrace feminism.
Farrar, Straus & Giroux calls Manifesta "a powerful indictment from within the current state of feminism and a passionate call to arms.
In this context he opposes Venus (beauty as truth) to cosmetics that could only sully her face: "essendo io professore di schiettezza non di eloquenza, e parendomi che in questo caso il voler con pompa di parole abbellire la verita manifesta sia un isporcar di lisci la faccia di Venere.
There were good reasons for the organising committee of Manifesta 10 to choose St Petersburg as the city to host the 20th anniversary of the travelling European contemporary art biennial.
12 troupes issues de neuf wilayas prendront part a cette manifesta El Wissal de Tiaret, El Badr d'El Bayadh, Nassamat El Houda de Ain Temouchent et El Bassma de Mostaganem.
HANGARBICOCCA * June 12-November 16 * Curated by Vicente Todolf * The work of Pedro Paiva and Joao Maria Gusmao has generated a lot of interest since the early 2000s (among other high-profile global exhibitions, the two have participated in the Gwangju Biennale, Manifesta, and the Bienal de Sao Paulo, as well as in the Venice Biennale, twice), yet no comprehensive consideration of their practice has been undertaken.
Mava poi altresi notato che l'acume di Modena, oltre che nella disamina delle connessioni fra Calvino e Melotti, si manifesta anche nell'accertamento di echi e rimandi, anch'essi individuati nel libro del 1972, a principi riconducibili all'architecture ephemere di Guy Rottier, all'architecture mobile di Yona Friedman, e a progetti avanguardisticovisionari quali "Intrapolis" di Walter Jonas (vedi, rispettivamente, le "citta invisibili" di Sofronia, Ersilia e Pirra).