Mann Act

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Mann Act:

see Mann, James RobertMann, James Robert,
1856–1922, American legislator, b. McLean co., Ill. A Chicago lawyer, he held many local offices before serving (1897–1922) as a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
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Historians have not been kind to the 1910 Mann Act, which made it a federal crime to transport women across state lines for prostitution "or any other immoral purpose.
The enforcement logics of the Mann Act flowed from this racial and sexual hierarchy of purity.
Moreover, the Mann Act penalizes even the attempt to move people through
With the expanded mandate of the Mann Act, the Bureau grew rapidly, from some 60 agents to more than 370, opening up a White Slave Division and operating in every major city in the country within just five years.
At first it seemed that the champion had little to worry about from such a discredited accuser, especially as the alleged offence had occurred before the Mann Act was passed.
But in this Mann Act offense, once initial culpability is demonstrated with proof of knowing transportation, culpability is normatively irrelevant to justifying additional punishment; only instrumental goals control, which is a view that contributes to the intuitive appeal of the grammar analysis.
In 1913, Johnson was convicted of violating the Mann Act.
In 1913 he violated the segregationist Mann Act with his consensual relationship with a white woman and crossing the state line.
As Diffee describes, the Mann Act and other antivice legislation of the period enabled progressives "to police working class women's sexuality in particular and working-class culture more broadly.
But in 1918 he was charged with violating the Mann Act, the federal statute aimed at prostitution, and he was subsequently dismissed from the university.
But, hey, at least it was his own money, and he may be prosecuted under a statute called the Mann Act.
Compounding the political ramifications of Spitzer having to resign as Governor, there are still potential legal charges Spitzer could face, including soliciting a prostitute, violation of the Mann Act, which reads as follows: