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for French architects thus named, use Mansart.



a space (usually living space) in the attic of a building that has a pitched roof consisting of two parts: a gently sloping upper part and a steep lower part. A mansard serves as a useful additional space, and the roof itself extends the dimensions of a building. This type of roof construction was extensively used for the first time in France by the architect N. F. Mansart, after whom it was named. In the broad sense, the Russian term mansarda is any room set up in an attic under a high roof.


1. a roof having two slopes on both sides and both ends, the lower slopes being steeper than the upper
2. an attic having such a roof
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The mansard roofs were removed and replaced with a two-story design that used low-maintenance Hardie Plank siding (the siding mid trim cost $403,508), shutters and new multiple-gable roofs ($189,000).
Many rooms have unusual features such as splitlevel floors, mansard roofs and circular windows.
As always with the under-21s there has to be a complication - and in the 85th minute striker Bledar Mansard threw Albania a lifeline with a brilliant strike over Graham Stack from 40 yards that turned a stroll into a nervy ending.
These terms include keystones, cupola, fanlight, mansard roof, pediment, tower, sidelights, gingerbread decorations, gables, portico, dormer, foundation, bay window and eaves.
As the Furness and Hewitt partnership practiced a Victorian version of appropriation, incorporating a range of styles and periods into their designs (the Academy's facade combines Gothic arched windows, French academy-inspired reliefs of artists and architects of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and elaborately patterned Philadelphia brickwork--all topped wit h a mansard roof), it's fitting that Marti, with his contemporary impulse to appropriate, would borrow from them.
It boasted a mansard roof and an imposing tower that soared 180 feet above the public square bounded by Woodward Avenue on the east, Michigan Avenue on the north, Griswold Street on the west and Fort Street on the south.
Removal of lower mansard tiling and formation of a vertical rendered wall to side elevations.
Colter's young man, Paul Kessey, looking down from his mansard window on the Rue la Chatte in Paris, writes page after page to Saturn Marie, his beautiful dead mother, whom he blames for his present condition--a young Princeton graduate from Chicago whose father is a successful black industrialist and whose mother was a beautiful light-skinned woman: "Mother, you brought, you put, me here.
The theatrical spectacle Mansard was choreographed by Jagoda Slaneva to music of Slatko Oridjanski.
Built on the footprint of a weathered farmhouse, the new structure reinvents elements--such as the mansard roof--of the original.
Best Europe - Rating Services Limited has affirmed the financial strength rating of B (Fair) and issuer credit rating of "bb+" of Mansard Insurance Plc (Mansard) (Nigeria).
Request For Quote: Replace rusted mansard panels at crestwood middle school