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1. a large and imposing house
2. a less common word for manor house
3. Brit a block of flats
4. Astrology any of 28 divisions of the zodiac each occupied on successive days by the moon


A large and imposing dwelling; a large apartment in a building.

What does it mean when you dream about a mansion?

Our house is often a symbol of our body, so a mansion in a dream can represent a “rich” sense of self or even an exaggerated sense of self. A mansion might also represent our future potential, as something we might eventually grow into. (See also Home).


1. A very large, imposing, stately residence.
2. In colonial times, the residence of a landholder.
3. A manor house; also called a mansion house.
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Glamorous Iris Ramirez-Paget enjoyed a luxury lifestyle from her mansion block flat in London's Knightsbridge.
It meant we were able to amble through the beautiful Kensington streets, ogling the multi-million pound mansion blocks rather than having to rush the children around on the Tube.
He also praised the "charm and beauty of a place like (the London borough's of) Kensington and Chelsea" as he espoused the benefits of terraces and mansion blocks over high-rise towers.
A series of 3D printed plastic mansion blocks made entirely from recycled plastic could be the answer to housing and recycling in the future.
SQUATTERS yesterday clash with bailiffs who arrived to turf them out of six mansion blocks where some had lived rent-free for up to 32 years.
Comprising imposing mansion blocks which date back to 1902 and have been beautifully restored, 51 Buckingham Gate, pictured right, certainly looks very grand but staff are warm and friendly and instantly make you feel at home.
This can be terraced or detached, mansion blocks or small conversions.
The street in which the accident happened, Holland Park, is lined with luxury mansion blocks.
It is expected to cost tens of millions of pounds to build and is a bold, futuristic building set among Victorian mansion blocks and Georgian terraces in west London.
Located in early 20th century mansion blocks, these apartments have been recently renovated to an extremely high standard.
The homes are provided in five, Georgian-style mansion blocks in a parkland setting with an ornamental lake and golf nearby.
At Lady Aston Park where Crosby has built five mansion blocks providing homes for older buyers, sales have continued steadily.