Charles Manson

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Manson, Charles

(1934–  ) cult leader; born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Released from prison in 1967, he set up a commune based on free love and devotion to himself. Members of his cult conducted a series of grisly murders in California in 1969. He and his accomplices were sentenced to death, but were spared the death penalty due to a Supreme Court ruling against capital punishment.
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His interest in true crime started at age 12, when he read "Helter Skelter," the account of the Manson murders.
Guilty of using the Manson murders in a jokey, smart-ass way in my earlier films without the slightest feeling for the victims' families or the brainwashed Manson killer kids who were also victims in this sad and terrible case.
Other artists on the shortlist include Dexter Dalwood, 49, a painter whose subjects have included the death of Dr David Kelly and the Charles Manson murders.
The Manson murders were all over the telly, so anything with a dark edge was in big demand," Ozzy wrote.
Because it's a long time from the 25th to the 50th, sometimes restless historians and journalists jump on the 40th, as local reporters did this year with looks back at the moon landing, Woodstock and the Manson murders.
18: Patty Hearst Is Kidnapped #17: Kurt Cobain Commits Suicide #16: Marvin Gaye Murdered By His Father #15: JonBenet Ramsey Sexually Assaulted, Murdered #14: Marilyn Monroe Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances #13: Kanye West: 'George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People' #12: The Roman Polanski Rape Trial #11: John Lennon Murdered #10: Woody Allen Marries His Stepdaughter #9: The Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee Sex Tape #8: Janet Jackson And Justin Timberlake's Nipplegate #7: Britney Spears Meltdown #6: Charles Manson Murders #5: Michael Jackson Molestation Charges #4: O.
The era of the Black Panthers, Woodstock, the aftermath of the 1968 riots, the Manson murders and the first moon landing is brought vividly to life and perfectly recreated.
Michael Pinchbeck's show, first staged at Nottingham Playhouse earlier this year but reworked for this production by Playbox Youth Theatre, combines two documentary strands concerning the Beatles and the Manson murders with a fictitious one built around the narrator character Miles, an obsessive Beatles fan.
While working for Columbia Records he auditioned Charles Manson but turned down the chance to sign him and is believed to have been the target for the infamous Manson murders in 1969.
The Manson murders were motiveless, but rather than widen their investigations the LAPD committed the cardinal sin by placing all their eggs in one basket, rather than remaining objective.
Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders by Greg King (Mainstream Publishing, pounds 9.