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1. a large and imposing house
2. a less common word for manor house
3. Brit a block of flats
4. Astrology any of 28 divisions of the zodiac each occupied on successive days by the moon


A large and imposing dwelling; a large apartment in a building.

What does it mean when you dream about a mansion?

Our house is often a symbol of our body, so a mansion in a dream can represent a “rich” sense of self or even an exaggerated sense of self. A mansion might also represent our future potential, as something we might eventually grow into. (See also Home).


1. A very large, imposing, stately residence.
2. In colonial times, the residence of a landholder.
3. A manor house; also called a mansion house.
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Mantion holds degrees in nuclear engineering from the United States Naval Academy, and served in nuclear attack submarines.
Mantion is the most recent of a number of experienced senior analysts who have been recruited by ABI Research in recent months.
Once the metrics are in place, the revenues will follow, said Mantion.
When looking at the CapEx market, there is a lot of money involved, however, it moves agonizingly slow," said Eric Mantion, a senior analyst with In-Stat/MDR.
But, broadband access equipment is not the only place for MTMs," said Mantion.
What started as a tiny market, swirling with hype and built around a dozen startups with revolutionary technologies, has now become a sizable market being driven by established chipmakers that are relying on time-tested principles for success," said Eric Mantion, a senior analyst with In-Stat/MDR.
However, Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)-based switch fabrics are the incumbent technology, and, according to Eric Mantion, a senior analyst with In-Stat/MDR, "penetration for standard product-based switch fabrics will be an up-hill battle since a given equipment maker's proprietary intellectual property is often tied strongly to their back plane fabric.
I see Xelerated as one of the potential winners in the network processor industry," says Eric Mantion, at In-Stat/MDR.
Many equipment vendors are migrating towards silicon and OS independent merchant software solutions to make up for recent cuts in R&D budgets and enable them to concentrate on valued-added intellectual property," said In-Stat/MDR Senior Analyst Eric Mantion.
Th'Expanse the Light the Harmony the Throng The Brides attendance and the Bridal song The numerous Mantions and th'immortal Tree No Eye unpurg'd by Death must ever see Or Waves which through that wond'rous Citty rowl Rest then content my too impatient Soul Observe but here the easy Precepts given Then wait with cherfull hope till Heaven be known in Heaven.