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A sedimentary or igneous ore body occurring in flat-lying depositional layers.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Manto, asteroid 870 (the 870th asteroid to be discovered, on May 12, 1917), is approximately 16 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 3.5 years. It is named after a Greek prophetess. If prominent in a natal chart (e.g., conjunct the Sun or the ascendant), Manto may show a person able to intuit the future or someone who is always seeking information about the future. Manto’s location by sign and house may indicate how and where one best intuits the future.


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Actualmente, las aguas negras se van a los campos, donde se filtra, la naturaleza la potabiliza y posteriormente recarga los mantos acuiferos de la zona.
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Los mantos de carbon presentan variaciones verticales en el contenido y tipo de materia organica, por lo tanto, se empleo la tecnica de muestreo de canal por ply, (Thomas 2002), la cual consiste en obtener un volumen de carbon triturado que incluya el espesor total de cada ply, mediante un corte uniforme, continuo y perpendicular a la estratificacion.
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The manto area of area 29 was mined for several years prior to the Company's purchase of the mine, producing roughly 250,000 tonnes of ore grading greater than 6 g/t gold.
Las composiciones de manto se hallan a partir de datos petrograficos previos o estudios de la evolucion composicional de los mantos con composiciones de referencia (Griffin et al.
Los hermanos caballeros usaran mantos blancos como signo de caballeria, pero el resto de su ropa no se diferenciara de la de los otros hermanos.
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