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Rust Belt



economic region in the NE quadrant of the United States, focused on the Midwestern (see MidwestMidwest
or Middle West,
region of the United States centered on the western Great Lakes and the upper-middle Mississippi valley. It is a somewhat imprecise term that has been applied to the northern section of the land between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mts.
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) states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, as well as Pennsylvania. The term gained wide use in the 1970s as the formerly dominant industrial region became noted for the abandonment of factories, unemployment, outmigration, the loss of electoral votes, and overall decline. Since the 1960s, manufacturing cities throughout the Great Lakes region and in the Northeast have suffered a decline in population and economic strength as manufacturers relocated, primarily to the Sun BeltSun Belt
or Sunbelt,
southern tier of the United States, focused on Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California, and extending as far north as Virginia. The term gained wide use in the 1970s, when the economic and political impact of the nation's overall shift in
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, overseas, or more recently, to Mexico. Meanwhile, the nation as a whole has shifted toward a service economy. Detroit, although still one of the world's largest manufacturing centers, has been especially hard hit and unable to reduce its dependence on the manufacturing sector. Suburban flight induced by the decline of the central city has been dramatic in large cities such as St. Louis and Cleveland, as well as smaller cities like Gary, Ind., and Akron, Ohio. By the 1980s, the economy of some Rust Belt cities had noticeably improved after the introduction or expansion of non-manufacturing industries. Pittsburgh, initially devastated by cutbacks in its steel industry as early as the late 1950s, has since emphasized its role as a center for research and development and finance.
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The college, located in the heart of Michigan's auto manufacturing belt, was tapped by the U.
is located in the center of China's pharmaceutical manufacturing belt (Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu) and will both enhance the competitiveness of the Company's catalyst products and facilitate current and future product partnerships and collaborations.
Midwest manufacturing belt, to operate and innovate on a level playing field with much larger global competitors," said think3 chairman and CEO Joe Costello.
Materials of manufacturing belts and weapons were seized during ongoing raids based on investigating some members of the "terrorist network" accused of launching twin suicide bomb attacks that killed more than 40 people and injured at least 200 others in Beirut last week, said a security source.
Carbon black is also used to provide strength and rigidity to industrial rubber and in manufacturing belts, hoses, cables and automotive parts.

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