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The hand of a human or the forefoot of a quadruped.
(invertebrate zoology)
The proximal enlargement of the propodus of the chela of arthropods.



an island in the Pacific Ocean; the only large island in the Admiralty Islands (Melanesia). Part of Papua New Guinea. Area, 1,554 sq km. Population, 22,000 (1969). The island is composed of volcanic rocks. In the central part there are mountains up to 719 m in elevation. Manus has a humid subequatorial climate. There are evergreen forests, and coconut palms are cultivated. The main town is Lorengau.

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However, Manus Neurodynamica says its system may be able to improve the early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, and even highlight those who may contract it later in life.
Breen told Australia's Fairfax Media that detainees on Manus Island were frightened of the local community.
So far, two transfers to Manus Island have been completed with 47 people currently being accommodated at the processing centre with more planned in the near future.
Sergei and Manus became great friends and linked up with each other every other night for over six months.
Mc Manus concluded: " I am certain people will recognize it is peculiar that on the heels of the important victory with the SEC - which people of good faith greatly welcomed - that such a peculiar letter would appear.
The assessments also found that the asylum seekers detained in Manus Island are worse off than those in Australia and on Christmas Island.
A group of seven families, including 15 adults and four children of Sri Lankan and Iranian nationalities, departed Christmas Island late yesterday on a charter aircraft and arrived at Manus Island early this morning.
Manus, from Ballyconnell, Co Cavan, owes last Saturday's windfall to a stroke of inspiration, picking a random line.
She gazes at her new-born son, Manus, still with a look of disbelief that such happiness could have come back into her life.
Bruinsma will be assisted by Manus O'Donnell, a seasoned executive, who has been engaged as a special advisor to the OXIS Board.
But the prime minister's claim resulted after two Australia employees of G4S, the security contractor hired by the government, have become suspects in the violent death of Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati on Manus Island.
Manus Deery's sister said civilians' statements denying Army claims there was a gunman in the area when he was killed were ignored by the cold case team.