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Manzikert (măn`zĭkərt), Turk. Malazgirt, village, E Turkey, SE of Erzurum. It was an important town of ancient Armenia. A council held there in A.D. 726 reasserted the independence of the Armenian Church from the Orthodox Eastern Church. There, in 1071, the Seljuk Turks under Alp Arslan Alp Arslan , 1029–72, Seljuk sultan of Persia (1063–72). In 1065 he led the Seljuks in an invasion of Armenia and Georgia and in 1066 attacked the Byzantine Empire.
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 routed the troops of Byzantine Emperor Romanus IV Romanus IV (Romanus Diogenes) , d. 1072, Byzantine emperor (1068–71). A Cappadocian general, he succeeded Constantine X by marrying his widow, Eudocia Macrembolitissa.
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 in a decisive battle that resulted in the fall of Asia Minor to the Seljuks.

a fortress in Asia Minor (near Lake Van, on the eastern boundary of the Byzantine Empire), at whose walls a battle occurred on Aug. 19, 1071, between the armies of the Byzantine emperor Romanus IV Diogenes and the Seljuk sultan Alp Arslan.

At first the Byzantines succeeded in pressing the Seljuks, but then, as a result of sedition among the Byzantine troops (betrayal by the Ducas clique, which was hostile to the emperor), the army of Romanus IV was defeated, and he himself was taken prisoner (he was released on condition that he pay an annual tribute). The Victory at Manzikert hastened the establishment of Seljuk dominance in Asia Minor.


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Baki Tezcan, who is researching Ottoman history in Istanbul, said Turkey traces its history to Manzikert, a battle in 1071 in which Turks defeated a Byzantine force in what is eastern Turkey today.
The focus of this book is the famous Byzantine-Saljuq confrontation at Manzikert (Malazgirt in Modern Turkish) in 1071 "as it is depicted in the surviving Arabic and Persian sources" (p.
In 1071 the Seljuk Turks defeated the Christian Byzantines at Manzikert in Asia Minor and reconquered most of the eastern Byzantine provinces.


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