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, South American people, occupying most of S central Chile at the time of the Spanish conquest (1540). The Araucanians were an agricultural people living in small settlements.
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For us, this is the second trial we're going to have for the same crime," says Marcelo Quintrileo, one of the 16 Mapuche on trial.
After the Mapuche were forcibly removed from their lands and put onto reservations in the late 19th century, policies changed; the Mapuche lost title to all but a tiny fragment of their ancestral lands in the 1920s, through procedures now considered illegal.
Thoughtfully constructed, the book leads off with Elicura Chihuailaf, the most established Mapuche poet in Chilean literature, and ends with the least known of the four, Graciela Huinao, a Huillache who writes only in Spanish.
The protestors also asked Chile's two leading presidential candidates--former President Michelle Bachelet (2006-2010), a progressive, and her conservative rival Evelyn Matthei--to incorporate Mapuche demands in their respective political platforms.
Budi's shores are home to Chile's largest surviving native people, the Mapuche, and several families of Mapuche-Lafquenche have transformed this serene spot into a unique ethno-tourism destination where guests are invited to sleep in traditional fire-heated Ruka homes, work hand-in-hand with local craftspeople and eat hearty pumpkin and potato stews topped with spicy, mouth-burning Merken.
Settled and still cherished by the native Mapuche people, the region has 10 volcanoes, scores of lakes and white-water rivers, and 10 national parks and reserves.
This book is based on 12 years of the author's ethnographic fieldwork among the Mapuche people of southern Chile.
They are all handmade with materials offered by nature: silver which is the principal material of Mapuche smithing; wool worked with knitting needles, spinning wheels and looms; enameled copper; in addition to handicrafts in wood, wheat and horsehair.
Desde fines del siglo XVIII los grupos Mapuche Williches controlaron todos los boquetes de paso trascordillerano y comenzaron a desarrollar una economia ganadera.
New models of care tailored to specific cultural contexts have arisen, such as the implementation of Mapuche health-care models in several public health districts.
Except for an earlier solo trip taken by American David Teklen, director of the World Wide Fund for Nature's (WWF) Valdivian Ecoregion Project, we are the first gringos to visit the Huilliche--local members of the Mapuche, Chile's largest indigenous nation--on their turf.
In the Mapuche language oncol means steep mountain, and the rain forest here is home to a wealth of trees, like the giant coigues, robles, maitines, olivillos, ulmos, lumas, pitras, and arrayanes, to name just a few.