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see AraucaniansAraucanians
, South American people, occupying most of S central Chile at the time of the Spanish conquest (1540). The Araucanians were an agricultural people living in small settlements.
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It is necessary to rectify the discriminatory policies applied to the historic demands of the Mapuche people, which the Chilean state continues to violate.
For more than 130 years, public policies have been implemented that have failed to pull this region out of poverty," Huenchumilla, who is of Mapuche descent, told reporters.
You have the student demonstrations, the port workers, and also the case of the Mapuches.
The Mapuche, Chile's largest indigenous group, are thought to number some 800,000.
To that end, he is championing his Plan Araucania, a several-billion-dollar development scheme designed to stimulate the Araucania as a whole and thus bring Mapuches into the national fold by providing jobs, improving infrastructure, and advancing educational opportunities (NotiSur, July 9, 2010).
029 against Mapuches is not only inappropriate but also discriminatory.
In his first state of the nation speech (see NotiSur, 2010-06-18), the new president failed to even mention the issue, raising serious doubts about his commitment to improving relations with the Mapuches.
In the Araucania and neighboring Region de Los Lagos, activists stepped up their land occupations and, in a handful of cases, groups of encapuchados (hooded individuals) presumed to be Mapuches carried out arson attacks.
He said that, in the climate of threats, uncertainty, and insecurity, with responsibility shared by the farmers, the Mapuches, and the government, an escalation of violence could easily occur.
Mapuche representatives accused Chilean authorities of facilitating the theft and exploitation of ancestral lands, persecuting the Mapuche community, and denying legal protection to the Mapuches.
Sohr, Raul (2010) "Aplicar la ley antiterrorista contra los mapuches es discriminacion.
html>; Ivan Fredes, "Empresariospiden al Gobierno aplicar mano dura'por los atentados mapuches en el sur" El Mercurio (Valparaiso and Santiago), October 22, 2008.