March 9, 2017

March 9, 2017


Baron Bliss Day
Celebrated in: Belize

Motorcycle Week (First week in March)

Omizutori Matsuri (March 1-14)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Baron Bliss DayBelize
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Norwegian Star will begin her journey back to the West with an 18-day Southeast Asia and India sailing from Singapore to Dubai, departing March 9, 2017.
20 percent bonds, maturing March 9, 2017, with spread at five-year swap offer side plus 68 basis points, and JPY14bn floating-rate, three-month yen-libor plus 83 basis points.
446, Small electric motors energy conservation standards and their effective dates," each small electric motor, rated between 1/4 and three horsepower output, manufactured alone or as a component of another piece of non-covered equipment, after March 9, 2015, or in the case of a small electric motor which requires listing or certification by a nationally recognized safety testing laboratory, after March 9, 2017, be tested in accordance with the US DOE requirements and be found to have an average full-load energy efficiency greater than the minimum values prescribed in the regulations.