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in the Bible: see Mark, SaintMark, Saint
[Lat. Marcus], Christian apostle, traditional author of the 2d Gospel (see Mark, Gospel according to). His full name was John Mark. His mother, named Mary, had a house in Jerusalem, which the Christians used as a meeting place. Mark accompanied St. Paul and St.
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But let us come to Commodus, to whom it should have been very easy to hold the empire, for, being the son of Marcus, he had inherited it, and he had only to follow in the footsteps of his father to please his people and soldiers; but, being by nature cruel and brutal, he gave himself up to amusing the soldiers and corrupting them, so that he might indulge his rapacity upon the people; on the other hand, not maintaining his dignity, often descending to the theatre to compete with gladiators, and doing other vile things, little worthy of the imperial majesty, he fell into contempt with the soldiers, and being hated by one party and despised by the other, he was conspired against and was killed.
Therefore a prince, new to the principality, cannot imitate the actions of Marcus, nor, again, is it necessary to follow those of Severus, but he ought to take from Severus those parts which are necessary to found his state, and from Marcus those which are proper and glorious to keep a state that may already be stable and firm.
Jim Gold has been named President, Chief Merchandising Officer, Neiman Marcus, Neiman Marcus Group.
It was Monday; Marcus took his only secondary school uniform from a plastic grocery bag that hung from a nail in the wall.
But my teacher sat me down and said I didn't see myself the way she did,'' Marcus said.
Marcus & Millichap has been a CoStar customer since 1983, and now has over 1,350 professionals accessing CoStar COMPS and hundreds of professionals accessing CoStar Property at 48 sites across the United States.
Marcus is a 16-year old African-American who is trying to decide his future plans.
We can get a sandwich at my house," Marcus offered.
Marcus' father, aunt and uncle founded the chain in 1907, but it was Marcus that was credited with turning the chain into a bastion of luxury retailing.
Gradually the figure who fascinates Marcus let his cravings get the better of him.