Maya Angelou

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Angelou, Maya

(mī`ə ăn`jəlo͞o), 1928–2014, African-American writer and performer, b. St. Louis, Mo., as Marguerite Johnson. She toured Europe and Africa in the musical Porgy and Bess (1954–55), then sang in New York City nightclubs, joined the Harlem Writers Guild, and took part in several off-Broadway productions, including Genet's The Blacks and her own Cabaret for Freedom (1960). During the 1960s she was active in the African-American political movement; she subsequently moved to Cairo where she edited The Arab Observer and then spent several years in Ghana as editor of the African Review. During the 1970s she appeared on Broadway, in several feature films, and in the TV miniseries Roots. Although she wrote poems, plays, and short stories, all in a lush and lyrical style that was both lauded and criticized, she is best known for her six autobiographical volumes (1970–2002), the first and most popular of which, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which tells of her childhood in the segregated South. Her several volumes of poetry include And I Still Rise (1978). Angelou read her poem "On the Pulse of Morning" at the inauguration of President Clinton in 1993. President Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011.

Angelou, Maya (b. Marguerite Angelou Johnson)

(1928–  ) writer, poet, performer; born in St. Louis, Mo. An activist on behalf of African-American concerns, she settled in California after extensive travel. She had worked as a performer, actress, and teacher. She is known for her poetry and her autobiographical novel, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1970).
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com)-- An innovative new product designed to offer a valuable health-related benefit, the Johnson Specialized Medicine Reminders, has been developed by Marguerite Johnson of Marietta, Georgia.
Another was a Greek sailor, Tosh Angelos, from whom she adapted her surname (she was born Marguerite Johnson and the Maya came from her slightly older brother's childhood nickname for her, an abbreviation of "My-a sister").
Born Marguerite Johnson in poverty in St Louis, Missouri, she rose to perform poems for presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush.
Angelou was born Marguerite Johnson in St Louis and raised in Stamps, Arkansas, and San Francisco, moving between her parents and her grandmother.
Maya Angelou Born Marguerite Johnson on April 4, 1928 in St.
Magistrate Judge Mary Pat Thynge dismissed the employment discrimination suit by Marguerite Johnson, who was hired in 1970 as an instructor and had risen to vice president and director of the college's Terry campus by the time she was terminated.
Marguerite Johnson, Westside's coordinator of educational services, said the district is encouraging parents to bring in healthy snacks like fruit and vegetable trays.
Born Marguerite Johnson, Angelou spent her childhood years from ages 3 to 13 in Stamps, Ark.
And then there is the portrait of her grandmother, the woman who raised Maya when she was still Marguerite Johnson in the back room of a small general store during America's worst years of economic depression and racial segregation.