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Jacopo Ligozzi's image was one of ten paintings sent to Maria de' Medici for the Cabinet Dore of Luxembourg Palace (Langedijk 2:1256, 1259), while the canvas of an unknown French artist, preserved today in Dijon, was documented in the Queen's apartments at the Louvre as early as 1709, where scholars believe it hung the century before as well (Caneva and Solinas 273).
Displaying fifteen tapestries portraying The Story of Artemisia, commissioned by Caterina de' Medici in the 1560s and completed in the early 17th century by Maria de' Medici, as well as portraits, the story of how the two widowed Medici Queens of France used powerful images to legitimize their claims to rule over warring factions at a time when women in power were rare.
Maria de' Medici, Cosimo and Eleonora's eldest daughter, was initially promised in marriage to Alfonso II, but her early death in 1557 forced the substitution of her younger sister.
The last living link between Valois and Bourbon, Marguerite befriended her successor, Maria de' Medici, and left her property to the dauphin.