Marina Gorka

Mar’ina Gorka


a city (since 1955), the administrative center of Pukhovichi Raion, Minsk Oblast, Byelorussian SSR. It has a railroad station, Pukhovichi, on the Minsk-Zhlobin line. Population, 11,800 (1972). Mar’ina Gorka has a dairy, a winery, and a flax-processing mill, as well as a sovkhoz-technicum and a people’s amateur theater.

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Follower in the city of Marina Gorka "(site number 2 children%s sanatorium)
Prequalification are invited for Modernization of the fire rescue part 1 of gas supply system in the town of Marina Gorka, Oktyabrskaya, d.
Tenders are invited for Selection of the general contractor organization for construction and installation work on the project "40-apartment residential building in Marina Gorka.