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an urban-type settlement, the center of Mar’inka Raion, Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Located 6 km from the Krasnogorovka railroad station, the terminus of a railroad branch from the Krasnoarmeiskoe-Rutchenkovo line. Mar’inka has a tire-repair plant, a dairy, and a bakery. There is also a foodstuffs combine.

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Although the home team stepped up their game through their captain, Marinka Van Bergen's strong attacks, this was not enough to overcome Bristol's surge for points.
85600, Ukraine, Donetsk Region, Marinka Town, Druzhby Pr.
Denis Baricevic (1), Sanja Popovic Grle (1), Jadranka Morovic Vergles (2), Silvija Cukovic Cavka (3), Marko Jakopovic (1), Gzim Redzepi (1), Zagorka Boras (1), Marinka Baricevic (4) and Miroslav Samarzija (1)
Marielle Rutten (1), *, Anje Ros (2), Marinka Kuijpers (1) and Karel Kreijns (1)
New troops were ready to strike by end of May 2015 and by the beginning of June, the fighting for Marinka saw the last major armed assault by Russian forces on a Ukrainian position.
He will take on Mad Dog Marinka Matosevic, the Aussie who has fallen to world No.
At the 2008 general elections, two candidates from the Party of Ecological Movements of Slovenia (one of which was its president, Marinka Vovk) participated as a candidate on the Social Democrats' list.
He added "the violence witnessed in and around the town of Marinka close to the Line of Contact constitutes a new worrying development in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.
We are now seeing reports that the town of Marinka may have fallen," Harf asserted.
As Marinka, the Bosnian refugee, points out, they may all be living in the same building, but they do not share the same life: 'anche se abitiamo nello stesso palazzo, non vuol dire che siamo tutti nella stessa barca' (38).
Eduard Basurin, a spokesman for the republic's Defense Ministry, said the attack on the hospital was launched from Ukrainian positions in the town of Marinka.
According to the lead teacher of the academy, Marinka Stuvel, the students were honored that the volunteers donated their professional time to visit and engage with them.