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an urban-type settlement, the center of Mar’inka Raion, Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Located 6 km from the Krasnogorovka railroad station, the terminus of a railroad branch from the Krasnoarmeiskoe-Rutchenkovo line. Mar’inka has a tire-repair plant, a dairy, and a bakery. There is also a foodstuffs combine.

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TSW Coach Castro travelled down with a motivated and spirited squad that saw the return of middle player Petra Kaiser and wing player Marinka van Bergen, who were both out for large parts of last season due to pregnancy and surgery, respectively.
He will take on Mad Dog Marinka Matosevic, the Aussie who has fallen to world No.
He added "the violence witnessed in and around the town of Marinka close to the Line of Contact constitutes a new worrying development in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.
We are now seeing reports that the town of Marinka may have fallen," Harf asserted.
Eduard Basurin, a spokesman for the republic's Defense Ministry, said the attack on the hospital was launched from Ukrainian positions in the town of Marinka.
MARINKA, Ukraine -- War came to this small farm town Friday night in the form of rockets that crashed into an apartment building near a rebel base, killing a man while he was watching television in his living room.
Harrington Toronto, ON Anisa Khan Toronto, ON Marinka Kocjan Toronto, ON Cecilia C.
First and foremost, we would like to thank our colleague Marinka Yossiffon, who meticulously translated the paper to English, edited the manuscript, and vigorously challenged us on some of our points.
And nonetheless, before you leave us, in the farewell ball that has been organized in your honor, you have not deemed it fitting, you our national poet, to recite for us something else, besides the deeds of a non Jewish woman whose Christian name is Marinka and whose dog barks at Jews in some godforsaken city in Russia.
Mobile incubators are intended for incubation of fry of naked osman (endemic fish of Lake Issyk-Kul) and marinka.
Among the best trailing kinds for hanging baskets are Cascade, with a white and red blush, and Golden Marinka in different shades of rich red.
In Mexico these would include Caloca-Rivas's PhD thesis (Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe) on San Lucas Ticopilco, a Tlaxcala sending community (1999), Xiomara Marinka Mellado's BA thesis on legal issues related to workers' rights and the program (2000), and Domingo Rodriguez's account of two seasons in Canada, presented as his BA thesis in social work at the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (1993).