Mario Pani

Pani, Mario


Born Mar. 29, 1911, in Mexico City Mexican architect.

Pani graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1934. During the 1930’s he was a representative of a trend combining modern techniques with classical architectural principles. He participated in major urban construction projects. Since the second half of the 1940’s, he has contributed in many ways to the establishment of the fundamental principles of the modern Mexican school of architecture, which combines technological advances with national artistic traditions and uses monumental art and sculpture extensively. Representative of his style are the general plans of Mexico’s University City (1949–54), the housing complexes Miguel Alemán (1947–50) and Benito Juárez (1950–52), and the Mexican Ministry of Hydraulic Resources (1950–51; with E. del Moral).


Arquitectura. Mexico, 1959, vol. 15, no. 67.
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2006-2007, Ortega had a saddlemaker cut leather molds of floor plans for mass housing projects by Mario Pani, Le Corbusier, and Oskar Hansen.