Maritime Territory

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Maritime Territory


Primorsky Kray

(prēmôr`skē krī), administrative division (1992 pop. 2,309,000), c.64,900 sq mi (168,100 sq km), Russian Far East, between China (Manchuria or the Northeast) in the west and the Sea of Japan in the east. VladivostokVladivostok
, city (1989 pop. 634,000), capital of Maritime Territory (Primorsky Kray), Russian Far East, on a peninsula that extends between two bays of the Sea of Japan.
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 is the capital. The population (constituting 50% of the people of the Russian Far East) is predominantly Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian, with small indigenous ethnic groups. The territory's coastal mountain range contains coal, iron ore, lead, zinc, lignite, tin, and silver. Fisheries (salmon and sardines) are located along the shore. An agricultural plain with millet and rice crops extends along the Chinese border. The Trans-Siberian RR links Vladivostok with UssuriyskUssuriysk
, city (1989 pop. 158,000), Maritime Territory, Russian Far East, on the Suyfun River. It is a coal-mining center and a Trans-Siberian RR junction. A direct rail line to the Manchurian city of Harbin runs from Ussuriysk.
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, the territory's other major city. For history of the Maritime Territory, see Russian Far EastRussian Far East,
formerly Soviet Far East,
federal district (1989 est. pop. 7,941,000), c.2,400,000 sq mi (6,216,000 sq km), encompassing the entire northeast coast of Asia and including the Sakha Republic, Maritime Territory (Primorsky Kray), Khabarovsk Territory,
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The National Boundary Commission (NBC) has announced that Nigeria's Continental Shelf Extension Project was designed to gain for the country an additional maritime territory of 104,000 kilometres.
The legislation creating the sanctuary designates 80 percent of the nation's maritime territory as a fully protected marine reserve in which no extractive activities, such as fishing or mining, can take place.
The offenses include Britain's decision to substantially increase its military budget for the "defense of the islands," evidence of espionage that was leaked by former National Security Agency (NSA) agent Edward Snowden and reported by the US online news site The Intercept, and concessions that British authorities issued allowing a group of oil companies to prospect in the disputed maritime territory and eventually extract oil there (NotiSur, June 25, 2010).
Many claimed to have been denied entry by South-east Asian countries as their boats approached maritime territory.
Postaria, the secretary of Shri Porbandar Machchi- mar Boat Association, said, " The government has said the boat was 365 km from Porbandar and approximately 10 nautical miles into our maritime territory.
The country's deepwater maritime territory has been relatively little explored, partly because the necessary technology was simply not available until about 15 years ago but also because upstream operators must deal with very strong currents that are absent in the world's main deepwater production areas, such as the Gulf of Guinea, which stretches from Angola north and westwards.
But he also voiced a tough stance on eastern neighbour Turkey that is challenging the maritime territory of Cyprus and has set its sights on offshore oil and gas resources in the eastern Mediterranean.
What was once isolated and inaccessible for the vast majority of the year is quickly developing into a future marine highway, and it will fall largely on the RCN to help police, monitor, and defend this maritime territory to the same extent that it already does on Canada's two other coasts.
The survey commissioned by the Australia-China Relations Institute has found that 71 percent of Australians want their country to not take sides if tensions between China and Japan escalate into an armed conflict over disputed islands and maritime territory in the East China Sea.
The Zhong Xing 2, which was laden with cement, went down after colliding with a container ship in the early hours of Monday just south of the island of Po Toi, on the edge of Hong Kong's maritime territory.
A fire department spokesman said the mainland Chinese cargo ship collided with a container vessel three miles (nearly five kilometers) south of Po Toi, just outside Hong Kong maritime territory.
Overall, Nicaragua gained at least 75,000 sq km of valuable maritime territory at Colombia's expense.

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