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If Marivaux gets a mention, it will probably be because several British companies, notably Cheek by Jowl and the Royal Shakespeare Company, which recently staged his play The Dispute in Stratford, have begun to take an interest in this theatrical contemporary of Bach and Handel over the last decade or so.
Lot 02 - electricity strong currents / low current / heating / ventilation / plumbing (for the renovation of the office area located at R Street and Marivaux Favart side street next level 6)
In advance of ISICEM, members of the CytoSorb community from around the world will gather at Hotel Marivaux to learn about and discuss some of the most recent advances and knowledge in CytoSorb treatment for critical illnesses.
David Marshall, The Surprising Effects of Sympathy: Marivaux, Diderot, Rousseau and Mary Shelley (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1988), 5.
An opening title quotes Beaumarchais, one of the comic dramatists of that century, and all during the film there are echoes of other dramatic works from centuries in addition to the eighteenth--works by Marivaux and de Musset, also Molihre and Feydeau and even Shakespeare and Jonson, indeed many masters of classical comedy.
Goodnight, Marivaux, welcome to the Island of Reason!
Through Moritz, gallicised as 'Maurice de Saxe', Liotard made not only portraits of the royal family but also the writers who peopled Maurice's private circle, Voltaire, Fontenelle, Crebillon fils and Marivaux.
Sensibility, reading and illustration; spectacles and signs in Graffigny, Marivaux, and Rousseau.
Intrinsically French and full of bright, often improvised dialogue, Rohmer's films were frequently compared to the work of the 18th century dramatist Marivaux.
Then he goes on to identify other important sources for that play and suggest their implications: primarily Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, but also a Dylan Thomas poem, an eighteenth century comedy by Pierre de Marivaux, and drawings by Marc Chagall and Aubrey Beardsley (144-57).
Actors from two companies, Bord Cadre and Third Party, will stage a timeless comedy, The False Servant by the 18th century French dramatist Pierre Marivaux.
FEW playwrights can claim a type of drama was named in their honour but French dramatist Pierre Marivaux achieved just that, and perhaps considerably more besides.