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Skillful use of the hands in moving body parts, as reducing a dislocation, or changing the position of a fetus.
(science and technology)
Use of the hands in the performance of a task.



(1) A movement of the hand or of both hands related to the performance of certain processes (for example, the handling of some mechanism); a complex procedure in hand labor requiring great precision.

(2) A clever swindle, a contrivance, a juggle with facts for the sake of achieving an unseemly goal; the same as a machination.

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Current academic research is now investigating other instances of market manipulation in U.
In addition, the CBB Law of 2006 provided further support to these regulations through the creation of market manipulation and insider trading as an offence in terms of Articles 100 and 106 of the CBB Law.
During his tenure at the FERC, he played a key role in the investigation and enforcement of high-profile cases of alleged market manipulation in the wholesale natural gas and electricity sectors, including the analysis of potentially relevant economic evidence and the critique of analyses prepared by opposing economic experts.
18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Bank of America is pleased with the decision of the Milan court acquitting its former employees of market manipulation.
over its alleged stock market manipulation in 2001, a commission official said.
Third, a trader who attempted to gain from market manipulation now faces the prospect of aggressive Treasury debt management that would reopen an issue to shave any illicit gain.
Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, prosecuting cases in the areas of securities fraud, market manipulation, internet fraud and money laundering and serving as Deputy Chief of the Narcotics Unit.
Gouging and Greed: BP is a leader in Enron-like price gouging and market manipulation -- in addition to the latest charges, it has been fined in New Jersey and was hit with market manipulation along with Enron during the California energy crisis in 2001-02.
The Financial Services Agency (FSA) is set to issue a business improvement order to the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) for its failure to prevent market manipulation, sources familiar with the matter said Tuesday.
Proponents argue that awarding securities at a uniform price rather than at the bid prices would end cornering attempts by eliminating the profit potential in market manipulation.
The aim of the procedure is to establish whether the analysis constituted an offence against prohibited market manipulation with regard to any particular market participant,' PSZAF said.