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a German nobleman ranking above a count. Margraves were originally counts appointed to govern frontier provinces, but all had become princes of the Holy Roman Empire by the 12th century



originally an official in the Carolingian empire and the Holy Roman Empire.

The office of margrave was established by Charlemagne to administer marches. The margrave enjoyed broader powers than an ordinary count—particularly permanent military authority. With the development of feudalism, margraves became semi-independent or independent rulers of entire regions; in Germany they became princes. In France, Spain, and Italy, margrave (marquess) is one of the highest titles of nobility.

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Participating in the recent ribboncutting were: (L to R in front) Ray Zagami, developer; Francesca Zagami, future developer; Fred Raphael, future developer; Steve Raphael, developer; Paul Kerzner, manager, RENAISSANCE; (L to R) Kevin Burke, vice president, Con Edison; Rosemarie Markgraf, vice president, Brooklyn Board of Realtors; Paul DiNatle, commissioner, Brooklyn Buildings department; Captain Palazzo, 78th precinct; Biagio Madaio, Hamilton Federal Savings & Loan.
Tauber traps have been used in the United States and Europe to characterize daily and annual pollen dispersal and deposition in alpine, forest, grassland, and desert vegetation (Tauber, 1977; Andersen, 1980; Markgraf, 1980; Solomon and Silkworth, 1986; Hall, 1990).
Vera Markgraf, a palynologist from the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research of the University of Colorado in Boulder, says the French study is important because "it shows that there are other words besides the deep-sea record that can help us understand how the clime has changed.
FTJFC will continue to be led by President Dean Cook and COO Phillip Markgraf.
INVENTION: Andrew Newell, Tim Powell, Ian Mackenzie, Piyush Patel and Paul Markgraf
The cast includes Magi Avila (as Carmen), Dennis Kaye, Robson Vieira, Edgar Lopez, Marcello Olivas, Jeff Markgraf, Geremy Dingle, Larry Meregillano, Ron Hershewe, Cengis Yaltkaya and Michael Solomon.
Baritone Kelly Markgraf looked far too young to have a grown daughter--more a Fenton than a Ford--but sang handsomely and played the role to the histrionic hilt without hitting a single false emotional note.
In the type II, two subtypes were recognized (see also Parra & Marticorena, 1972; Markgraf & D'Antoni, 1978; Wingenroth & Heusser, 1983).
The 38-year-old, from the Cheshire area, was with another diver swimming above the 40m-deep vessel Markgraf, in Scapa Flow, off the Orkney Islands.
The World Cup exploited our weaknesses," said Kate Markgraf, who played for Sundhage in Boston.