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a German nobleman ranking above a count. Margraves were originally counts appointed to govern frontier provinces, but all had become princes of the Holy Roman Empire by the 12th century



originally an official in the Carolingian empire and the Holy Roman Empire.

The office of margrave was established by Charlemagne to administer marches. The margrave enjoyed broader powers than an ordinary count—particularly permanent military authority. With the development of feudalism, margraves became semi-independent or independent rulers of entire regions; in Germany they became princes. In France, Spain, and Italy, margrave (marquess) is one of the highest titles of nobility.

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Greeters were Laura Rebecca Daily and Erika Markgraf.
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Selecting winners was a panel of recognizable names including Turner Broadcasting Systems President of Sales David Levy, Owner of HDNet and the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban, Founder and Creative Chairman of Droga5 David Droga, Advertising Age columnist and on-air host of NPR Bob Garfield, President of HBO Sports Ross Greenburg, CMO of Fox Sports Media Group Eric Markgraf, Senior writer and columnist for ESPN.
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Poor Joelle Harvey and Kelly Markgraf, as Zer-lina and Masetto, couldn't have been altogether happy playing their roles as come-to-life wedding-cake statuettes, but both sang very well, as did Brian Routes as the risen-from-the-coffin Commendatore.
Georg Markgraf born; a Saxon astronomer; built an observatory in Brazil where he observed with a quadrant, sextant, and a telescope.
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