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see MarmaraMarmara, Sea of,
or Sea of Marmora,
c.4,430 sq mi (11,474 sq km), NW Turkey, between Europe in the north and Asia in the south. The Sea of Marmara, c.175 mi (280 km) long and 50 mi (80 km) wide, is connected on the east with the Black Sea through the Bosporus and on
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, Marmora
Sea of. a deep inland sea in NW Turkey, linked with the Black Sea by the Bosporus and with the Aegean by the Dardanelles: separates Turkey in Europe from Turkey in Asia. Area: 11 471 sq. km (4429 sq. miles)
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In addressing these issues, this study will draw information from various written sources as well as from ethnographic research gathered from devotees of the Marmora, Ontario, Canada apparitions--a contemporary Catholic Marian movement that is closely wedded to a "church-approved apparitional tradition" (12) and thus more indicative of popular Catholic piety.
62) The same editorial also called for the swift completion of the North Hastings line, finished later that year, as it would help increase the development of the Marmora iron mines and extend the hinterland of Belleville's merchants:
With Russia no longer an ally, but now an enemy owing much to Germany for the communist victory, the Allied powers no longer needed to consider the tsar's demands for control of the Dardanelles, the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmora, southern Thrace, the Imbros and Tenados islands, and parts of Jerusalem.
is the holding company for Ocean City Home Bank, which operates out of ten full-service banking offices in Ocean City, Marmora, Linwood, Ventnor, Egg Harbor Township, Absecon, Northfield, Margate City, Mays Landing and Galloway, New Jersey.
Billboards have also been installed in Egg Harbor and Marmora to raise awareness of the campaign for a fair contract.
and his wife, Jodi Spatol of Marmora, NJ and Scott Spatol and his companion Sharon OBrien of Webster; two brothers, Dale and Danny Menard of Pensacola, FL; five sisters, JoAnn Givens, Jean Menard and Susan Waldrop all of Pensacola, FL, Connie Dee of Worcester and Stella Williams of California; six grandchildren, Kandi LeBlanc and her husband Joseph of Millbury, Kevin Scott of Lander, WY, Zachary and Daniel Spatol both of Marmora, NJ, Felicia and Hayley OBrien of Webster; two great-grandchildren, Tyler and Dylan LeBlanc of Millbury; nephews and nieces.
In Sardinia, Antonio Taramelli was busy directing excavations in the major Phoenician centres on the island, at Sulci, Karales, Bithia and Tharros, building on the works of his predecessors Alberto della Marmora and Giovanni Spano (cf.
Sister Alice Johnson has published a second book on the Marmora phenomenon called Immaculate Paths.
the Young Women's Christian Association in El Paso, TX, and the Consumer Credit and Budgeting Counseling in Marmora, NJ, will use the grants directly for consumer education, community outreach and awareness programs, and for conducting research to design more effective financial literacy programs.
Billboards have also been installed to raise awareness of the campaign for a fair contract in Egg Harbor and Marmora.
Team B&W Edgebrook will be working with neighboring agency, Orchard Village (7670 Marmora Avenue Skokie, Illinois 60077), by helping them clean and update a group home for developmentally disabled adults.
Contract notice: Service of collection and transportation of municipal solid waste and waste deposits from start to disposal / recovery, recycling, refuse collection and other ancillary services for environmental protection lotto: valleys maira and grana - in the towns of acceglio, canosio, cartignano , celle di macra, elva, macra, marmora, prazzo, san damiano macra, stroppo, castelmagno, montemale of cuneo, monterosso, pradleves, valgrana.