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a genus of rodents of the family Sciuridae. The body measures up to 60 cm in length, and the tail is generally less than half the body length. The coloration varies from light sandy-ocher to dark brown and ocher-red. The head is usually darker than the trunk. Members of the genus Marmota, which consists of 15 species, inhabit open areas of plains, except deserts and tundras, and mountains of the northern hemisphere to an elevation of 4,800 m. There are six species in the USSR, the best known being the alpine marmot (Marmota marmota), the Tarba-gan marmot (Marmota bobac), and Marmota sibirica; these species inhabit the steppes and semideserts from the Volga Region to Kamchatka.

The animals live in colonies in deep burrows. They hibernate in the winter. The diet consists of the young shoots of fonds and grasses. The female usually gives birth to four or five young, which grow to maturity within two to three years. Marmots are hunted for their fur. Many are natural carriers of the pathogen of bubonic plague. Fossil remains dating from the end of the Miocene have been found.


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O arranjo sintagrnatico dos semas aspectuals, capaz de explicar esse processo que se deu no "primeiro" dia do Dia da Marmota, adquire a seguinte forma:
Consisting of thirteen chapters, published in five consecutive instalments (19, 23, 26, 30 April and 3 May 1861) in the Rio de Janeiro biweekly magazine A Marmota, there was no indication that it was, in fact, a translation--nor indeed any indication of authorship.
La fauna de este bioma se adapta a los ciclos estacionales modificando su conducta y adoptando unos habitos extraordinarios, como la hibernacion, en el caso de los osos, marmotas, tejones, lirones, reptiles y anfibios, que reducen su consumo energetico durante la estacion fria.
Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?
Sua primeira producao literaria foi uma poesia, que se intitulou "Ela", publicada em 1855 na Marmota Fluminense, periodico que reunia destacadas figuras da epoca, onde prestou colaboracao ate 1861.
22 rimfire, you'll be set for the long haul because you'll always find grizzled Marmota monax thriving in his sanctuary along the fringe of woods and fields.
Seven new Marmota monax are reported herein, all from central counties in Nebraska (Fig.
A tough question, in that wood seems to play no major role in the life history of Marmota monax.
Tengo para mi que en otro planeta hariamos lo mismo, que seria una especie de dia de la marmota interestelar con repeticion de los mismos errores incluso si alguna vez logramos dar con un medio capaz de trasladarnos alli en menos de 30,000 anos.
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