Rafael Maroto

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Rafael Maroto
BirthplaceLorca, Spain

Maroto, Rafael


Born 1783, in Lorca, Murcia Province; died 1847. General; one of the leaders of the Carlists in Spain.

In 1838, Maroto was appointed commander in chief of the Carlist forces. He advocated a compromise solution to the question of the succession to the throne, a stand that roused the court camarilla of the pretender to the throne, Don Carlos, against Maroto. In early 1839, after securing the support of the army (in spite of Don Carlos, who attempted to declare him a traitor), Maroto entered into negotiations with General B. Espartero, the commander of Isabel IPs troops. He signed a peace treaty at Vergara on Aug. 31, 1839. Maroto died in Chile.

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Mathiang Maroto reportedly committed the offence at Panda hotel in South Sudan's Lakes state after an argument over money.
Luis Maroto, President & CEO of Amadeus, commented:
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Luis Maroto, President & CEO of Amadeus, said:OThe markets we operate in continue to be highly challenging, but our strong business model and unrivalled product portfolio continue to allow us to make good progress.
Alcaraz and Maroto [10] think that those optimization algorithms can only yield an exact solution in small-scale projects and the number of its activities is usually small without a lot of resource constraints.
Luis Maroto, president and CEO of Amadeus, commented: "Despite another year of global macro-economic challenges, Amadeus' proven business model and geographically diverse base again allowed us to maintain our growth record and increase our year-on-year revenues by 7.
In 2013 we will continue to consolidate our position as market leader and develop our competitive offering while at the same time making investments in growth areas like technological solutions for airports, hotels and rail companies," chief executive Luis Maroto said in a statement.
In Asia orange is a positive, spiritually enlightened, and life-affirming colour, while in the US it is a colour of road hazards, traffic delays, and fast-food restaurants" (Bortoli & Maroto, 2001).
Luis Maroto, the company president and chief executive officer, said, '2010 was a positive year for Amadeus, firstly because of the success of our return to the stock market, but also because our transaction-based model again proved adaptable and allowed us to benefit from the improvement in global travel.