Queensberry rules

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Queensberry rules:

see Queensberry, John Sholto Douglas, 8th marquess ofQueensberry, John Sholto Douglas, 8th marquess of,
1844–1900, British nobleman, originator of the code of rules that governs modern boxing.
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The Marquess of Queensberry rules hold no sway here: it's win at all costs even if that means your rival leaves the arena in a wooden casket.
No, Smith has an endearingly sporting sentimentality offset by a positively bristly edge, so if you plan to write off his racehorse, you should be prepared for, if not a bare-knuckle brawl in the street, then at least a jolly good dust-up under Marquess of Queensberry rules.
Klitschko's rise in the heavyweight division and Reid's decision to move away after two years in the wilderness have all but ended the chances of a rematch under Marquess of Queensberry rules.
UNEASE over a portion of the new City Charter that lets council members censure each other for actions unbecoming to an elected official sent the council running for the tried and true - the Marquess of Queensberry rules.
But there are no Marquess of Queensberry rules that the oppressed must observe while liberating themselves.