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Simeon compares the theme of The Spiritual Side of Wynton Marsalis to a New Orleans funeral function, "sorrowful but ultimately uplifting" as it alternates tempos.
A one-night-in-theater concert broadcast featuring Grammy Award winning artists Eric Clapton and Wynton Marsalis will be shown in a few local theaters at 7:30 p.
Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra will perform at 7:30 p.
It is there when Sonny Rollins plays a London theatre, when the Keith Jarrett Trio plays the Royal Festival Hall and it is here when the Branford Marsalis Quartet plays Birmingham's Town Hall, which is what they do tomorrow night.
The highlight is a poignant version of Kenny Kirkland's ``Dienda'' (Sting recorded it on ``All This Time''), with Calderazzo paying tribute to the pianist who preceded him in the Marsalis band.
THIS wonderful concert concluded with a piece called Back to Basics, an original by Wynton Marsalis, whose title could easily have served as the theme of the evening's programme.
22--a Romantic-style "white ballet" to Dvorak honoring company founder Toby Lerner Ansin--originally scheduled for next February's Fifteenth Anniversary Gala Program, but now cancelled, along with his world premiere to Wynton Marsalis slated for the same date and another to Bach set for October.
Marsalis Begins New Phase of Music-Making with The Orchard, a Full-Service Business Partner
The group of 40 Leaders attended a performance of Jazz at Lincoln Center's annual Big Band Holiday Concert, highlighted by a very special pre-performance interview with jazz legend Wynton Marsalis.
The renowned New Orleans-based jazz pianist and patriarch of the Marsalis clan kicked off Music Worcester's 14th annual Mass Jazz Festival at Mechanics Hall Friday night with a gem of a concert that thrilled and delighted more than 700 jazz fans.
Branford Marsalis doesn't make much distinction between jazz and classical music - at least not until you get him talking.
Branford Marsalis Quartet - Bragg-town (Marsalis Music/Universal)