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The Bosnian Moslems, for example, had only been set up as a definitive ethnic group by Marshal Tito in 1974.
ANSWERS: 1 New York; 2 Hanover; 3 Brown coal; 4 Being There; 5 The Mousetrap; 6 From Now On; 7 Australia; 8 Mercury; 9 Joe Davis; 10 Marshal Tito (Josip Broz).
From its ranks, Marshal Tito formed the new Yugoslav Army.
President Eisenhower tried to reach an understanding with a young Fidel Castro, as he did with anti-Russian, communist Marshal Tito in Yugoslavia.
The author, who played a key part in Britain's now controversial role in the rise of Marshal Tito, has been around in what was once the Soviet Union for over 40 years seeing all interesting regions.
Gone are days when Pandit Nehru, with guests like Marshal Tito and Gamal Abdel Nasser would mix with the vast crowd of invitees at the Presidents House.
ANSWERS: 1 Long Island' 2 From Now On' 3 Brown coal' 4 Marshal Tito (Josip Broz)' 5 The house of Hanover' 6 Being There' 7 The Mousetrap' 8 Alaska' 9 Mercury' 10 Joe Davis.
Auden, Irving Berlin, Harold Ross, Al Jolson, Robert Capa, Marshal Tito, Bette Davis, Elia Kazan, Zero Mostel, Boris Karloff and Sophia Loren, all nimbly sketched in a reporter's brisk, observant prose.
Yesterday the autonomous Serb area of Bosnia was ignoring the anniversary of the start of the fighting while it was marked in Sarajevo with a concert in front of the line of chairs, which were lined up on the city's central street, named after the founder of Yugoslavia, Marshal Tito.
he Queen will receive Marshal Tito in audience during his visit to Britain, it was announced by the Foreign Office last night.