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1356–1410, king of Aragón and count of Barcelona (c.1395–1410) and, as Martin II, king of Sicily (1409–10). He succeeded his brother, John I, in Aragón and became king of Sicily on the death of his son, Martin I of Sicily, who had married Maria, last of the Sicilian branch of the house of Aragón. Martin of Aragón and Sicily died without a male heir and thus was the last ruler from the Catalan dynasty of Aragón. After a two-year interregnum, his nephew, Prince Ferdinand of Castile, was chosen (1412) king of Aragón and Sicily as Ferdinand IFerdinand I,
1379?–1416, king of Aragón and Sicily and count of Barcelona (1412–16), second son of John I of Castile; nephew and successor of Martin of Aragón. In 1406, Ferdinand became regent of Castile during the minority of his nephew, John II.
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see swallowswallow,
common name for small perching birds of almost worldwide distribution. There are about 100 species of swallows, including the martins, which belong to the same family. Swallows have long, narrow wings, forked tails, and weak feet.
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(Turčiansky Svaty Martin), a city in Czechoslovakia, in the Central Slovakia Region of the Slovak Socialist Republic. Population, 33,000 (1972). In the socialist era, it has become an important center for general machinery construction; there is also a pulp and paper industry. The Slovak National Museum is there.


any of various swallows of the genera Progne, Delichon, Riparia, etc., having a square or slightly forked tail


1. Archer John Porter. 1910--2002, British biochemist; Nobel prize for chemistry 1952 (with Richard Synge; 1914--94) for developing paper chromatography (1944). He subsequently developed gas chromatography (1953)
2. Chris. born 1977, British rock musician, lead singer of Coldplay. He is married to the US actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
3. Frank. 1890--1974, Swiss composer. He used a modified form of the twelve-note technique in some of his works, which include Petite Symphonie Concertante (1946) and the oratorio Golgotha (1949)
4. Sir George (Henry). born 1926, British record producer and arranger, noted for his work with the Beatles
5. John. 1789--1854, British painter, noted for his visionary landscapes and large-scale works with biblical subjects
6. Michael (John). born 1945, Scottish Labour politician; speaker of the House of Commons from 2000
7. Saint. called Saint Martin of Tours. ?316--?397 ad, bishop of Tours (?371--?397); a patron saint of France. He furthered monasticism in Gaul. Feast day: Nov. 11 or 12
8. Steve(n). born 1945, US film actor and comedian; his films include The Jerk (1979), Roxanne (1987), and Bowfinger) (1999)
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