Chemnitz, Martin

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Chemnitz or Kemnitz, Martin

(both: kĕm`nĭts), 1522–86, German Lutheran theologian. Under the tutelage of Phillip MelanchthonMelanchthon, Philip
, 1497–1560, German scholar and humanist. He was second only to Martin Luther as a figure in the Lutheran Reformation. His original name was Schwarzerd [Ger.,=black earth; "melanchthon" is the Greek rendering of "black earth"].
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, he accepted and defended Lutheran doctrine, both in lecturing and in writing. Largely through his endeavors the Formula of Concord, one of the nine creeds of the Book of Concord, was adopted by the Lutherans of Saxony and Swabia.
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The understanding of tradition by the sixteenth-century Lutheran theologian, Martin Chemnitz (1522-1586), for example, was perhaps the most positive and extended Lutheran articulation on the subject.
More than either of these well-known genres, however, Stephenson's effort is a devout and occasionally strident celebration of the classical Lutheran understanding of the Lord's Supper, as this view is expressed especially in the writings of Luther himself, the Book of Concord, Martin Chemnitz, Hermann Sasse, C.
The bibliography does find room for Martin Chemnitz and Francis Pieper