Martín Luis Guzmán

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Guzmán, Martín Luis


Born Oct. 6. 1887. in Chihuahua. Mexican writer.

Guzmán’s novel The Eagle and the Serpent (1928) is an artistic chronicle of the revolutionary events of the years 1910–17. In his novel The Shadow of the Caudillo (1929; Russian translation, 1964), Guzmán exposed the political corruption in postrevolutionary Mexico. From 1938 to 1940, Guzmán published Memoirs of Pancho Villa, a stylized biography of the peasant leader.


Obras completas, vols. 1–2. Mexico City, 1965.


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Gomez Morin no hizo novelas, pero el ensayo "1915" al que nos referimos antes, fue vivido ese mismo ano y escrito en el 27, uno antes de que naciera Carlos Fuentes y de que Martin Luiz Guzman publicara El aguila y la serpiente.
In Mexico, bullets have always whistled at the time of elections, to such an extent that one of the novelists of the Mexican Revolution, Martin Luiz Guzman, coined the phrase "the fiesta of bullets.